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    Top 5 Joomla Chat Extension

    Top 5 Joomla Chat Extension : Joomla no doubt is the best CMS and the value of chat is include not having to wait on the phone while we look into system issues. There are dozens of chat extensions available for joomla but some of them are really awesome as listed below,

    AjaxChat: AjaxtChat-Chat for joomla users
    supported features
    * Integrate with Community Builder and JomSocial.
    * Backend option for showing all online users/CB friends online/JomSocial friends online and Odudeprofile followers online.
    * Gmail style bottom right display of chat boxes.
    * Keeps chat boxes open and stores state (data) even when pages are browsed/refreshed
    * Displays “Sent at…” after 3 minutes of inactivity.
    * Displays “X says…” & blinks chat boxes when window is not in focus.
    * Minimize and close chat boxes.
    * Support smiley and urls.

    jPFChat: jPFChat is a Joomla chat component built around the phpFreeChat script. This component is based upon the phpFreeChat latest v1.2 release, and includes a ton of user settings in the back-end.

    In the v2 release, we’ve re-written the phpFreeChat script so it uses MooTools. This eliminates javascript conflicts on most Joomla websites.

    TalkToMe: This chat module currently supports Google Talk Chatback, Meebo, AIM WIMZI & MSN Messenger Widgets. You can enable one, some or all of them, and with the module settings you can adjust the width & height of the widgets.

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    Version History:

    – Adds Skype Buttons, Yahoo Pingbox and Google Voice (this is only a test at the moment, as I can’t get access to Google Voice being outside the US)
    – Updated AIM Wimzi code to use the Flash version, allowing better sizing & theme support.
    – Removed MSN width & height settings. Unfortunately, the embedded MSN Messenger widget doesn’t play nice, so I’ve had to use the button option, which opens the chat widget in a popup window.

    FrieChatPure: FreiChatPure is a Facebook or Gmail like Chat System derived From FreiChat v.2.0

    The difference between FreiChatPure and FreiChat is that FreiChatPure is extension independent while FreiChat requires Community Builder to work.

    The extension includes

    a chat component
    a chat module

    Google ChatBack Live Support: Provides a basic GoogleTalk Chatback widget native for Joomla 1.5 and its position can be adjusted from admin panel.
    Your site’s visitors can click the button and launch Google Chatback with you directly from your website. When users, click the button, a Google Chatback window pops-up which connects directly to your Google chat.

    Visitors do not need their own Google account nor do they need to have any client software installed on their computer.

    JWebMessenger: This chat module allows you to embed Windows Live Messenger (former MSN Messenger) into your Joomla sites.

    Turn your website into a Windows Live Messenger online. This component uses the webservice provided by Microsoft, so you don’t have to set up anything. The default values are enough for the messenger to work fine.
    Neither you nor your users even have to worry about the password or account name managing, because it is done via Microsoft gateway, simple and fast.
    If you want to change the ‘look and feel’, just modify the default.css file (in the frontend folder of the component).

    This component is still on its beta version, but the main functionality (the chat) is fully functional.

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