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Showing custom message in prestashop 1.5

Updated 2 April 2013

Prestashop provide many way to show custom message . Some of the message which we generally see

1. “update successfully”
2. “Deletion successful”

etc. the upper message you got in classes/controller/AdminController.php.
under the variable $this->_conf.

we can add our own custom message in $this->_conf variable

this has been call in your public function __construct()

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after calling parent

$this->_conf[$index]=$this->l('Your Message');

and simply redirect by


this help to show your custom message when any operation is successfully executed.

you can also show your message by using some predefined tag

$this->displayInformation($this->l('You have now three default customer groups.'));

$this->displayWarning($this->l('When you delete a
 language, all related translations in the database 
will be deleted.'));

$this->errors[] = Tools::displayError('An error occurred during 
image deletion (cannot load object).');

. . .

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