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Buy Button for Shopware 6

Updated 6 October 2023

Buy Button for Shopware 6 allows customers to purchase a particular product right away by clicking a “Buy Now” button. This module adds a “Buy Now” button on the product page. With the use of this button, customers can directly go to the checkout page to purchase the product.

Check a brief overview of the plugin –



  • Adds the “Buy Now” button on the product and category page.
  • By clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button it redirects to the user on the checkout confirmation page.
  • It makes the purchase process fast and easy.
  • Admin can customize view(font color, button background color, text font) of the buy button.
  • Admin can select redirect option like cart page or checkout page


Shopware provides two ways to upload the plugin to the server.

  1. Using Command
  2. Manual installation

Installation using commands

Customers will get a zip folder, and they have to extract the contents of this zip folder on their system. After extracting the WebkulBuyButton folder, the customer needs to transfer these custom > plugins on the server, as shown in the image below:


After the successful installation, you have to run these commands in the Shopware root directory.

Go to your Shopware installation Root directory and run this command to install then activate the plugin –

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./bin/console plugin:install --activate WebkulBuyButton

To installing the assets(CSS/JS)

./bin/console assets:install

To clear the cache run this command –

php bin/console cache:clear

Now refresh the administration.

After that, visit administration Extensions-> My Extension, the Buy Button plugin will be listed there.

Manual Installation

For the manual installation of the plugin follow the steps as mentioned below:

Step 1: In the Shopware6 Backend go to plugin manager by navigating to Extensions -> My Extensions.


Step 2: Just after clicking on the Extensions, the My Extensions page will appear. The existing plugins are visible here. 
Click on the Upload extension to add a new plugin to the list. Select the zip folder of the plugin which has to be updated.


Step 3: After thatthe recently uploaded plugin will be visible on the list of plugins. 
Furthermore, the admin can install the plugin by clicking on the Install option in the dropdown.


Once the plugin gets installed the success message will popup saying “Your plugin has been installed.”
Step 4: After the installation, the admin will activate the plugin by turning the radio button ON.


After the installation, run this command to clear the cache:

php bin/console cache:clear

Module Configuration

After the successful installation of the Shopware pre-order module, the admin can configure the module.

For that, they need to navigate through Setting>Extensions>Buy Buttom Configuration and then click on the Buy button configuration.

Hence the admin can amend the font style, size, and color of the content appearing on the product collection page. The admin needs to specify-

  • Configuration Prority – If Product Configuration selected then selected/allowed product show buy button otherwise all product show buy button.
  • Buy Button Text- The admin can even amend the text that is appearing on the cart from Button Text.
  • Buy Button Color- The admin can set the color of the Buy button.
  • Text Color- The admin can set the color of the text for the buy button.
  • Text Size- The admin can set the size of the text of the button to make it readable for the customer.
  • Redirect Option – In this after clicking on buy button it will automatically redirect to the selected page like checkout page or cart page.

After adding all the details click on the Save button.


Front End of Shopware Buy Now

After enabling the module, a customer can see the “Buy Now” button on the category page.

Category Page


Product Page

Customers will click on the “Buy Now” button on the product page it will redirect to the page selected in the redirection option.


Note: If a guest user tries to place an order after that they need to fill in the personal details the click on continue button.


Then the customer will be redirected to the checkout page after clicking on the “Buy Now” button. 


Then click on the checkbox after that on Send order button.


After completing the order, customer goes to the Order Confirmation Page.



That’s all about Buy Button for Shopware 6 Share module, still, you have any query, please raise a ticket at-

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Current Product Version - 1.0.7

Supported Framework Version - Shopware

Blog Version - Shopware
  • Version Shopware
  • Version Shopware
  • Version Shopware 6.1.0 (RC4) & 6.1.0 stable version
. . .

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