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Webkul Bundle Product App for Shopify

Updated 9 April 2024

Isn’t it a great idea to offer several solutions in one single source? Well! the concept of pack & combo products will not only help you to sell more items in one customer encounter at a time but also make your sales efforts more efficient..

Selling a pack of several items will help you to increase profits on individual sales by offering multiple items in just one package WHILE selling combo products allows the customers to bring multiple variants of an item to be sold in a single purchase.

Introducing Webkul Bundle Product to let store owners bring in various products together to create pack as well as combo products for sale on eCommerce stores with many more amazing features.

The Package can be created by adding two or more than two types of products in the pack. Thus, the customers can purchase the whole items in just one purchase, accordingly price & quantity will be updated.

While creating a Combo, you can add various products to it and customers will purchase the combo product by selecting the proper variant, size, and shipment separately for each product available in that Combo.

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  • The store owner can create multiple Pack & Combo products.
  • Edit, View and delete the pack & combo products and its constituents.
  • View All The Pack & Combo Details.
  • Assign differentiated products in one pack.
  • Automatically manages the stock and its quantity.
  • Also, an option of enabling/disabling pack products.
  • Admin can also import products from Shopify Store into the app by selecting a date span.
  • A Confirmation Mail Sent To Buyer.
  • Cross-browser compatible.
  • Easily configured and user-friendly.

On Landing Page, you will find the “install” button. Enter the shop URL where you want to install the app.

Pack Product1


After the installation, you need to buy the monthly plan available for this app. Once the payment is done for the plan, the App will be listed.

Clicking on which you will be redirected to the app straight-away.

Configuring the Module

Here you have to mention the domain name of your shopify store with the Email id and select the combo type-

  1. Variable Quantity- In this case, the customer will have an option to select the number of quantities of the product he wants to buy.
  2. Fixed Quantity- In this case, the admin sets the quantity for the customers in advance.

Bundle Type
In this case, all the new products added for the pack product as a bundle will be visible on the checkout page.

Note: This feature will work with new products only.

To enable this feature, the admin needs to click on the checkbox, once clicked on the check box a popup will appear with Upgrade permission and Admin needs to proceed with Upgrade to enable this Bundle type feature.

Once enabled, the new products added in the pack of bundle product will be visible on the checkout page.


Enter the email Subject and email content & save the mail configuration of this fabulous app from here and go ahead create your pack & combo products.



From this section you can change the labels of the app as per your requirement



From this section of the app, you can select the theme for which you want to setup the frontend and can add the codes.


Create Pack

To create a pack product, by visiting the products section and then pack product by clicking on the “Create Pack” button.
The pack product section shows a list of all the pack products created by you which can be enabled/disabled, viewed, edited or deleted from here. The pack products can be filtered/searched from here as well just by entering either of pack product Id/pack product name/pack product quantity.


Once you will click on the create pack button, you will be redirected to the pack product creation page where you will require to fill in the details and add products to the pack along with the price offered and actual price.
The packed product once created can be edited as well.

Create Combo

To create a combo product, the admin needs to visit the “Combo Product” section of the app under the products section and there you need to click on the create combo button to create a combo of multiple products. All the product combos that you create will be listed here in this section of the app. You can anytime enable/disable, edit or delete the combo if required.


The Combo products can be filtered or searched by ID, Combo Name or Combo Count.


Clicking on the “Create Combo” button, You will be redirected to the Combo product creation page and there you need to enter the Combo Name, Select Products, Description, Collection, Tag and image of your combo product. Once done, click on the Save button to create the combo.


This section, shows the list of all the order placed for the pack and combo products.


Frontend View


Once you create the packed product on the app and codes in respective .liquid files then pack product will display on the front end of your shop as shown in the below image:

Similarly, the Combo product will be visible like this on the frontend.


This is how the Webkul Bundle app works.


Moreover, check the demo:

Frontend Demo of Combo Product:

Frontend Demo of Pack Product:

Demo store password: 1


Also, for any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at and for any doubt contact us at [email protected]

Moreover, check out Webkul Blogs for more!

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