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Multivendor Marketplace for Shopify: MULTI-LOCATION INVENTORY

Updated 4 August 2023

Recently, we have launched the Multi-location Inventory feature. Thus, we came up with the same thought of developing a similar feature app named Multi-inventory Location in the Multivendor Marketplace App.

If You have multiple Warehouses at different locations then, this feature app is for You!

With this feature app, both merchant and seller can track inventory on multiple locations and manage orders accordingly. The merchant first needs to “Enable Inventory at Locations” and add various locations from store backend.

After that, the merchant will set a fulfillment priority to any of the added locations where he wants to fulfill the order.

Once you enable the multi-inventory option on admin end, both you and your seller will get the option to track the product inventory on the selected location while adding a new product.

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  • Admin can track inventory on multiple locations.
  • Allow sellers to track the product’s inventory on selected location and manage orders.
  • Both admin & seller will have the details about the number of products available at each location.
  • Admin can sync the location details of the admin’s store with the multivendor app.
  • The seller can update the inventory location from where the order gets fulfilled.
  • Admin can set a fixed default Inventory Location for each Seller separately.
  • Multi-location+Store Pickup option available.

Now, you can check the video Tutorial here as well.


How to Activate this Feature?

To make this feature work on the Multivendor App, admin first needs to add various locations from store backend.


Once added, go to the Feature App section of the Multivendor App and activate the feature.

Feature App1

This way the admin can enable this feature app.

NOTE:- We don’t manage the inventory tracking in case the Custom Fulfillment set on Your Store.



In order to track the inventory on multiple locations, the admin will add various locations from store backend. In addition to it, you can set a fulfillment priority to any of the added locations where you want the orders to be assigned first for the fulfillment.


Coming to the Multivendor App…

As soon as you enable the feature apps, a new menu gets added to the Configuration menu of the app i.e. Multilocation Configuration.

multi vendor marketplace

Here, the admin will get the option to enable Multilocation feature for the sellers so that sellers can manage product inventory as per the location preferences.

Configure multilocation

Change Status:- Firstly, you need to enable the Multi-location status for the sellers. Later if you disable this tab, all the seller’s default location will be disabled with this action.

There will be three cases.

Only Shopify Location

In case you choose this location type, your product inventory will get transferred to the primary location added from Shopify end (Shopify Settings>Locations>Add Location).

multi vendor marketplace

Only Multivendor

If you select this location type, all the previous product’s inventory will get transferred to the first multi-vendor location added to the app.


In case you select both the locations (Shopify+Multi-vendor), the previous product’s inventory will not get affected. But new products will be created on both Shopify as well as Multi-vendor app locations.

Multi-location Inventory

Now, you can view all the added inventory locations in the Multi-location Inventory section of the app.

multi vendor marketplace

In the Multi-location Inventory section, you can view the list of all the added locations. You can add Multi-vendor locations. Also, you can sync the Shopify locations to the app.

NOTE:- You can’t disable the default inventory location from the app.
Also, Once any location is disabled from the app, the same location will still available on admin’s Store.

If the admin has disabled any location from his end, the seller will not be able to add that location for tracking inventory of any product.

Additionally, you will get an option to enable inventory location feature for your sellers registered on the marketplace.

Your sellers will get the multi-location inventory feature on their respective panels only when you enable the tab.

Add Location

Note:- You can’t delete the primary location.

Now, while adding new products, you will get all the locations to manage product inventory.
Products>>Product Listing>>Add product>>Quantity>>Edit Locations.


But make sure that these locations vary at the admin end as it depends on the seller’s added locations. So, let’s proceed to check how sellers will manage the locations & provide a store pickup option to the selected location.

Select Location while adding a Product:

This multi-location inventory feature helps the admin to select the location where he/she wants to stock the products. This option gets appeared when the admin adds to track the product’s inventory while adding any product.

Admin Panel of Multivendor App>>Products>>Product Listing>>Add Product>>Track Inventory.


Default Location for Sellers

Now, the admin can Set the “Default Inventory Location” for the sellers from “Edit Seller” section of the app.

Go to Multivendor Admin Panel>>Go to Sellers>>Seller Listing>>Click “Edit” in Action menu>>Scroll down to get the Seller Default Location section in the bottom-right corner.

edit seller


Admin first needs to enable the Tab to make the Multilocation feature work for the sellers. Once You enable the Multilocation Tab, You need to select a default inventory location that You have added on Your Store.

set seller's default location

Clicking on the “Save Location” button, You will be asked to choose an option for the confirmation.

You can either select Transfer Inventory to the Selected Location or Delete Inventory Option.

Transfer Inventory to the Selected Location: This option will transfer the seller’s inventory to the selected location for all the Products.

Delete Inventory: This option will delete the inventory of the seller’s products available in the locations other than the selected location.

select location

Once Selected, Click on the Save Location button.

NOTE:- Once You disable the Multilocation Tab, the default location will be disabled for the seller

Also, Once You deactivate the Default Location from Your Store, You need to sync the products manually in the app.


Admin can also select the Priority location for his/her sellers from the Action menu. 

Seller Panel

Similarly, from their respective panels, Sellers can enable the inventory location where he/she wants to stock the products. The seller can follow the below-given procedure for this:

Seller Panel of the Multivendor App>>Products>>Product Listing>>Click on “Add Product”


While adding a new product, the seller will get the option to select the inventory locations where he/she wants to stock the product.

Tracking 11

In case of Seller Default Location:

edit product

Once the admin sets a default inventory location for the seller, the seller will get only that location to track product inventory while adding/editing any product.


When an order is placed for the products with multiple inventory locations, sellers will get the option to update the location while fulfilling the order.


Clicking on the fulfill button, the seller will update the location from where the fulfillment has been done.

fulfilled 55

Clicking on the View button, the seller will be reaching to the Order detail section from where he/she can update the fulfilled inventory location.

seller order details

Also, Fulfillment details of the Order will be visible like this in the Order Detail section of Seller Panel:

In case the admin selects seller’s default location:


If the admin has set a default location for his/her seller, the seller will get only that location while fulfilling the order.

details updated

Once fulfilled, the seller will get the details in the Fulfillment detail section.

Demo Details

Follow the below link to use the demo of Multivendor Marketplace-Multi-Location Inventory Feature App :

Need Help?

Furthermore, if you have any questions/issue then please raise a ticket at or drop a mail at [email protected].

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