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    PrestaShop Product Trial {User-Guide}

    Attract new customers to your online store by letting them try your products hassle free. Offering try before purchase will also help you in reducing return rates on the store. Send email notification to both admin and customer when the order is placed for trial or its status gets updated.

    Note: PrestaShop Product Trial module is compatible with PrestaShop version 8.x.x.

    For the overview of the plugin check the video mentioned-below –


    • Configure the trial period expiration message to be sent to the customer.
    • Email notification to both customer and admin when a customer places an order for trial.
    • Email notification to both customer and admin when trial order status gets changed.
    • Admin can enable/disable multiple trial orders of the same product.
    • With restock quantity feature, quantity of the product ordered for trial will automatically be restocked once the customer returns the product.
    • Select order status on which the trial period will automatically start.
    • A new column added to orders page to identify the orders placed for trial.
    • Allow/Disallow voucher on trial product.
    • Admin can add multiple trial order statuses and trial policies.
    • Admin can set trial on a product and its combinations.
    • Option to set the trial price type as “custom” or “percentage”.
    • Customer can view trial order status and amount paid for trial on the “orders” page.
    • A separate tab for admin from where he can view list of trial orders, trial period duration, amount paid for trial, and update the status of trial order.
    • Option to send an email to customers for trial order status.
    • PrestaShop Product Trial module is MultiShop compatible.


    1. Go to back office ->modules.
    2. Upload the module zip file.
    3. The module will automatically get installed on your PrestaShop.

    Module Configuration

    After the successful installation of the module, a new tab “Product Trial” will display to the admin from where he can configure the module.


    Email Settings

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    Under “Email Settings” admin can configure that on which events email will be sent to both admin and customers.


    Admin Address

    In case the customer orders a product for trial and did not like it, then he can return the product to the address mentioned by admin in” Store Address” field.


    Trial Settings

    Under “Trial Settings”, admin can:

    • Set trial button name.
    • Configure the message to be sent to the customer when the trial period expires.
    • Enable/Disable multiple trial orders of the same product.
    • Allow/Disallow voucher on the trial product and
    • Enable/Disable restock quantity feature.
    • Enable/Disable trial auto start.


    Restock Quantity

    If admin enables this option, then quantity of the product which has been ordered for trial will automatically be restocked after customer returns the product.

    Enable trial auto start

    Admin can select the order status on which the trial period for the order will automatically start.

    Cron Settings

    Admin has to enter the link shown in the below screenshot in cron tasks manager for sending the trial expiry mails to the customers.



    Admin can create own policies which will be applicable for trial orders.


    Order Statuses

    Under “order statuses” admin can add trial order statuses which will display to the customers at the front end. Admin can set the order of these statuses.


    Setting Trial for a Product

    Admin can set trial for a product by navigating through Catalog>Products>Modules.


    Admin can set trial product wise and combination wise. For adding trial facility for a product, admin has to:

    • Specify the amount for product trial.
    • Set the trial fee which will be applicable on ordering a trial product.
    • Specify trial quantity and duration.

    Product Wise Trial Settings


    Combination Wise Trial Settings


    Ordering a Product for Trial

    On the product page, a customer can view the trial button, trial price, and trial policy.


    n a customer clicks on “OPT FOR TRIAL” button, a popup gets displayed on the screen. On the popup, customer can view trial product price, trial charge, and trial period.


    Once the customer has placed the order then he can view trial order status and amount paid for trial on the “orders” page as shown below:


    After placing an order, a trial order email will be sent to both admin as well as the customer.

    The customer cannot place the order for trial for same product again if admin has disabled multiple trial orders of same product.


    Trial Orders

    Admin can view all the orders placed by the customers for trial under “Trial Orders” tab. Under “Trial Orders”, admin can view product name, current status of trial order, and customer’s name who has placed order for trial.


    By clicking on “View” button, admin can see trial period duration, amount paid for trial, product details, and current status of trial order.



    A new column “Is Trial Order” is added to the orders listing page. This column helps admin identify the orders placed for the trial product.


    Front End View

    When the admin updates the status of the trial order, an email notification will receive by the customer regarding the change of status. The customer can view the updated status on the “orders” page.


    The trial period will automatically start when admin changes the status of an order to the status selected in the configuration settings.


    The trial period for a product starts automatically as soon as admin updates the order status to delivered.


    Front End View

    When the status gets updated to “Trial Period Started”, then a new button “Return Trial” gets added on the orders page by clicking on which customer can return the product.


    When a customer clicks on “RETURN TRIAL” button, a popup appears on the screen as shown below:


    On clicking “YES” the return request gets generated and order status gets changed from “Trial Period Started” to “Request To Return”.


    After generating the return request the customer has to send the package back to admin. When admin receives the product, then he can change the status of the trial order.


    Front End View


    After receiving the product, admin can initiate the refund process.


    Front End View

    On the orders page, the customer can send the message and provide his valuable feedback regarding the product.


    Admin can close the trial order after processing the refund.


    Front End View



    For any kind of technical assistance or query, please raise a ticket at or send us a mail at [email protected]

    Also, please explore our PrestaShop development services and vast range of quality PrestaShop addons.

    Current Product Version - 4.1.1

    Supported Framework Version - 8.x.x, 1.7.x.x

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