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    Opencart Wallet System

    Opencart Wallet System is an awesome module which allows customers to make the online payment from their Wallet. In this module, Customer/User can use Wallet Cash during the checkout and money will be deducted from their Wallet Cash. The customer can also transfer money to the another customer. They can easily add credit to their wallet. Admin can configure the transfer limit and can manage the credit and debit history.


    • Opencart Wallet System module behaves as an online Payment Gateway.
    • The customer can easily add credit to their wallet.
    • Admin can set the credit limit for the Wallet System.
    • Admin can view the customer details who are using Wallet System for making the online payment.
    • A customer can add a new payee.
    • The customer can transfer money to the added payee of the store.
    • The customer can see an alert if amount in the wallet is less than the assigned limit.
    • The wallet credit feature can be used to make the refund of products.
    • On the checkout page, a customer can view the total wallet cash.
    • Email notification will sent to the customer on each recharge and transaction.
    • The admin can configure the Opencart Wallet System for recharge limit (maximum and minimum) of Wallet amount.
    • Debit/credit amount to the customer’s wallet can be added by the admin.
    • Admin and Customer/User can view credit and debit details.
    • A customer can add their bank details if they don’t need the refund in the wallet.
    • Admin can see the customer’s bank details and transfer the refund amount manually.
    • The codes are open source, so you can customize as per the need.


    Installation of Opencart Wallet System module is very easy.In the zip file, you should find 4 folders admin, catalog, image and ocmod folders. You need to move admincatalog and image folders into the Opencart root directory.

    Once you have uploaded the file then login to admin and from catalog section go to Extensions> Extension installer and upload the XML file. The XML file can be found on the ocmod folder under module directory.

    Now admin will go to Extensions > Modifications and then click on refresh button like the image below.

    After that in Admin panel go to System -> Users -> Usergroup and edit ‘Administrator’ and choose select all for both Access and Modify Permission and save it.

    Now admin can navigate to Extensions-> Order Totals to install and edit wallet system.

    wallet system configuration

    General Configuration:
    After clicking on module admin can enable the module and configure it according to the requirements. Under ‘General Configuration’ tab admin can see below options.

    Wallet image: In this option, admin can upload the image which will visible in the cart.
    Minimum recharge amount: It is minimum recharge limit of wallet. If it is blank then there will be no minimum recharge limit.
    Maximum recharge amount: It is maximum recharge limit of wallet. If it is blank then there will be no maximum recharge limit.
    Customer Group: In customer group, admin assigns the default wallet money for the customer for each group. When a customer signup then the customer will choose group option there. Assigned default money for that customer group will be assigned to that customer.
    Low balance notification status: Low balance notification alert will show on customer wallet page. Admin can enable/disable low balance notification status. Admin can set amount for low balance notification.
    Minimum/Maximum refund amount: Here admin can set minimum and maximum refund limit for the wallet.

    Order Total Setting:
    After that admin can configure order total settings. Here admin can enter order total name and set the order status.

    Payment Method Setting:
    Admin can set payment method settings. Here admin can enter the payment method name of the wallet system and select the order status which will be the status of the order if payment method used is the wallet system.


    Admin can configure transaction settings. Admin can apply transfer limit from here and can set transfer limit, minimum and maximum transfer amount.

    Apply Transfer Limit: Select yes to apply transfer limit. If selected “NO” then below fields will not work.
    Transfer limit: Maximum number of transfer to another customer in a month.
    Minimum Transfer Amount: Minimum transfer amount for a single transaction.
    Maximum Transfer Amount: Maximum transfer amount for a single transaction.
    Amount Limit: Maximum limit of the amount for all the transactions done in a month.

    Note: “If any customer breaches their transaction limit then the transaction would not be done.”

    Terms and Conditions:
    Admin can enter the terms and condition for the wallet system here.

    Front End

    Register a Customer:

    When a customer register for a new account. The customer can select an option for customer groups.

    When a customer login to their account. Customer will see two option.

    • My Wallet
    • Transfer Wallet Money

    Low balance alert:
    If the balance in my wallet is less than the assigned amount, the alert will show in customer panel with the red box as shown in below image.

    how to recharge wallet system

    After the module installation, the customer can see a tab called “My Wallet” in their account and the total balance of the Wallet. On clicking, a new page will come where the customer can see the option to enter recharge amount, check terms & condition, and check credit/debit history. Customers can also enter their bank details.

    Bank details:

    After clicking on the bank detail button customer will receive a pop-up with a form to fill the details. Admin can use the bank details to refund the wallet money purchased.

    A customer can enter the wallet amount and click on add money to the wallet to add the wallet amount to the cart.

    A customer cannot purchase wallet amount with any other product. If any product is already added to the cart then the customer will receive an error message.

    After adding the wallet amount to the cart customer can easily perform checkout and select the payment method and confirm the order.

    Once the payment is made and order status(from admin panel) is same as ‘Payment Methods Order Status’. The customer can view updated wallet balance in their wallet after adding the amount.

    How to transfer wallet money

    A customer can transfer wallet money to another customer. The customer needs to add a payee to their account first. After that, the customer can transfer amount to the added payee.

    After clicking on add payee button a popup will open and it will ask for payee email id. The customer can add only existing customers of the store as a payee.

    After clicking on add button, it will ask to confirm the payee.

    After clicking on confirm button, the payee will be added to the customer account. Now the customer can see name and email of the payee, added date under payee list. The customer can delete or transfer the payee from the payee list.

    For transfer the amount to another customer, the customer need to enter the transfer amount and click on transfer button.

    After that customer needs to enter their password and click on confirm. The customer can change the transfer amount from this popup too. When the customer will click on the change amount link, it will redirect to the previous section of “enter amount”.

    After successfully transfer of amount customer will directly redirect to wallet page. Where the customer can see the recent debit and credit history.

    how to use wallet at the checkout

    A customer can add any product to their cart and perform checkout but if there is wallet amount added to the cart then the customer will receive an error message. Also, after clicking on add to cart button the customer will be redirected to the cart page.

    After adding the product to cart a customer can easily perform checkout and select wallet system as a payment method.

    Now the customer can see the ‘Order Total Name’ of the wallet on the order confirmation page.

    Debit History:

    After making the payment, a customer can view the wallet amount debited from their account, under “Debit History”.

    Pay Through Wallet Money:

    Customers can select the Wallet System for making the payment at the checkout page like the image below.

    Customers can also check the order status, payment method and other details on order information page.

    How To Make Partial Payment With Wallet

    If the wallet amount is less than the product price then a customer can make a partial payment using the wallet amount. After selecting the wallet system as payment method the customer will receive a message to select the payment method to pay the remaining amount like this.

    Customers can also see the total remaining amount on the order confirmation page.

    Customers can also find the details of the order on the order information page. Here customers can see both the payment method with other order details.

    Email Notifications

    At the time of recharge:
    Customer will receive an email for each recharge of wallet.

    At the time of Credit:
    Customer will receive an email if any amount credited to their account.

    At the time of amount transfer:
    Customer will receive email if any amount transerred from their wallet.

    Admin Management

    After the module installation and configuration, admin can see “Wallet System” on the Dashboard like the image below.

    Under the credit history, the admin can see all the credit history with all the details with customer name, email, credit amount, credit date and description. The admin can add credit to customer’s wallet from here.

    After clicking on the add credit button, the admin will receive a pop-up and it will ask for customer name, amount and description.

    Under the debit history, the admin can see all the debit history of customers with customer name, email, credit amount, credit date and description. The admin can debit the customer’s wallet.

    After clicking on the add debit button the admin will receive a pop-up to select the customer name and enter amount and description of debit.

    Customer details:
    Under the customer details, admin can check the wallet balance of the customer’s.

    After clicking on the bank details button, the admin will receive a pop-up and it will show the customer’s bank details.

    That’s all for the base Opencart Wallet System, still, have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better

    Current Product Version -

    Supported Framework Version - 2.0.x.x, 2.1.x.x, 2.2.x.x, 2.3.x.x, 3.x.x.x

    . . .

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