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    ODOO POS Custom Discount


    Odoo POS Custom Discount module allows the user to apply the discount on each order line as well as on complete order and can create a new discount(custom discount) in the same POS session. On every custom discount, a reason will be mentioned that is saved in the back end and will appear in order line and receipt.


    • It allows a seller to apply the discount in each order line as well as on complete order.
    • Seller can create multiple discount values  from backend
    • Seller can also customize discount at run time POS Session after entering his security pin and reason for discount
    • Only authorized POS user can customize discount.
    • The reason for the custom discount will appear on the receipt and in back end


    To create a discount go to-Point of Sale > POS Discount(under Configuration)>Create Option

    In the back end configuration of Point of Sale under the Discounts tab, three things need to be applicable-

    • Discounts
    • Allow Customize Discount
    • Allow Security Pin


    In POS Session a list of all the discounts will appear and seller can apply the discount on single order line or on complete order.

    Click on “Whole Order” button to apply the discount on the complete order.


    To create custom discount seller need to create on “Custom Discount” button.

    On clicking the “Custom Discount button” a pop-up will appear where the user needs to enter his security pin.

    Now, a pop-up will appear in POS screen which contains discount percentage and reason of discount.

    Seller clicks on “Selected line” to apply discount on selected order line with reason.

    If seller clicks on “Whole Order ” then the discount will be applied on whole order of products with reason.

    The discount or custom discount applied on the order line or on complete order will be mentioned in the backend and on receipt.(as shown below)


    For any further query feel free to raise a ticket at or drop a mail at

    Thanks for reading this blog!!



    Current Product Version - 1.2

    Supported Framework Version - Odoo V12, V11, V10, V9, V8

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