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Mobikul Zopim Live Chat

Updated 26 September 2017

The Mobikul Zopim Live Chat add-on will allow you to integrate Zopim® live chat with the Mobikul Mobile App builder. In turn, this will help you to provide real-time support to the customers that are using your mobile application.

Swiftly create an e-commerce mobile app for any open-source platform and integrate the Zopim chat within it using this add-on. The admin can easily reply back to the customer’s queries generated via the mobile app. The customers will just have to tap a single menu option in their mobile app to directly start chatting with the admin/agents(depend on the plan that you have chosen).

**Note: You must have Mobikul Mobile App Builder and a Zopim® Chat/Zendesk Chat account to make use of this add-on.


  • The admin/agents can chat with the customers and vice-versa.
  • Fastest Real-Time chat between the admin/agents and the customers.
  • Customers can start a chat using the e-commerce mobile application.

How To Use Zopim® live Chat

To start a live chat, the admin/agents will have to log into their online Zopim live chat account. Make sure that you have selected your status as online to start chatting with the customers.


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After login, the admin/agents will see their dashboard. To start chatting with your customers you need to change your status to Online. When a customer chats with you, you can respond back by clicking on the chat request button in the bottom-left corner of the dashboard. All chat requests can be seen under the Request section.

For the customers, they just have to select the option “Chat with Admin” to start a chat conversation on their mobile app.

If the admin/agents are online, then when a customer clicks the “Chat with Admin” button they will see a section to enter their – Name, email address, phone number, and the message to the Admin.

Click next to send the message to the admin/agents and you can see your chat screen where you can send multiple responses and see all the responses from the admin’s end.

After you have sent the message, the admin can see the response under the response section.


The admin will tap on the “Serve Request” tab to reply back to the customer. The admin will enter the reply and hit the enter to reply back to the customer.

After the admin has sent the message the customer will receive the message and can make a reply back.

Now the customer can make a reply back to the admin.

The admin will make a reply back to the customer and vice-versa. So, that’s how the customer can ask their queries to the admin.

Customers can end/close a chat session at any time by clicking the “X” close button at the top right-hand side. This brings up up a pop-up for to end the session. Click end to end the session.

Ending the session brings another dialog box that asks you – if you want to email the transcript of this chat to your email address. Hit Send button to send it to your email address.

This ends the chat and you can check your email for the transcripts of the chat as shown below.


If the admin/agents are not online when the customer starts a chat conversation then you will see an option to send a message.

Tap the “Leave a Message” button to send a message to the store owner -Admin/agents and later when they are online they can see the message and can respond accordingly. This brings up the section to send a message.

That was all about the Mobikul Zopim® Live Chat add-on. Still, have any doubts or suggestions regarding this extension you can get back to us at

Current Product Version - 1.0.0

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