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    jQuery.noConflict Method to avoid Conflict b/w JS Library:

    In this blog we will learn about jQuery.noConflict() or $.noConflict() method to
    avoid the conflict between the jQuery library.
    In the JavaScript library, we apply $ Symbol for variable names and methods.
    jQuery is not an exception. Therefore we use multiple frameworks that use $ and
    their application is different, it is recommended to apply the
    jQuery.noConflict() or $.noConflict() method.

    Why we use noConflict() Method:

    If we are using two different frameworks with the same shortcut $ then one of them stops working due to conflict so to avoid the conflict between the two frameworks. we use $.noConflict() method.


    1. jQuery team comes with the noConflict Method that is very useful when we use two or more different frameworks.
    2. In the JQuery noConflict() Method hold the $.


    Syntax of noConflict method.


    Example 1:

    In this example, we will see how $.noConflict() method work:

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    In this example, we will learn about how to create your own shortcut for jQuery.



    In this example, we will see how to avoid conflict when we will use two different libraries of jQuery on the same page.


    hope, this blog can help you to understand the noConflict() method. Thanks

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