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Guidelines for Migrating to the New Seller Membership feature

Updated 28 September 2023

In response to evolving market dynamics and the ever-changing needs of our valued merchants, we are pleased to introduce the new enhanced Seller Membership feature. To ensure a seamless transition, we have formulated the following guidelines for Migrating to the New Seller Membership feature:

Notification banner on the Admin Panel

In the admin panel, merchants will see a prominently displayed banner that conveys essential information regarding the Migration process, including its associated deadline. The Admin can proceed to initiate the process simply by clicking on the “Take Action” link as shown in the image below.

Notification banner

Step 1

After clicking the “Take Action” link, the admin will be redirected to the membership migration page shown below.

migrating to the new Seller Membership feature.

In this step, there are two options,

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Option 1: The admin disables all the postpaid plans, and sellers will be asked to choose a new plan.

Admin can disable the plans either by clicking the “Here” link as shown in the above image or it can be done from the Admin panel>> Sellers>>Seller Membership Plans.

migrating to the new Seller Membership feature.

Option 2: Admin notfies the sellers and requests that they change the plan themselves. As a result, all sellers currently enrolled in any post-paid subscription must transition to the existing prepaid plan options.

NOTE- If the Sellers choose to transition from postpaid subscription plans to prepaid from their panel, the billing of the newly selected prepaid plan will include any outstanding balances.

Step 2

Once Step 1 is completed, the next step is the deactivation of the payment methods specified below. These payment methods have been utilized in the past but are presently undergoing deprecation.

migrating to the new Seller Membership feature.

Admin needs to deactivate the following payment methods.:

1. Braintree
2. PayPal
3. PayFast
4. Deduct from total earnings.

Admins can disable these payment methods by either clicking the “Membership Payment Configuration” link, as shown in the above image, or by accessing the Admin panel and navigating to Configuration >> Payment details.

migrating to the new Seller Membership feature.

Available payment methods:
1. Manual
2. PayPal Recurring
3. PayFast Recurring
4. Stripe
5. Razorpay (available only in India)

The Admin can choose and configure payment methods for sellers from among the five payment options listed above.

Step 3

Following the successful completion of the second step, the subsequent and final step entails clicking the “Proceed” button. Once executed, this action will bring the migration process to its conclusion.

migrating to the new Seller Membership feature.

In conclusion, successfully migrating to the New Seller Membership feature entails a structured journey consisting of the above-explained three essential steps. By following these guidelines diligently, sellers can unlock the full potential of this innovative platform.

As we embark on this exciting new feature, remember that our support team is here to assist you every step of the way. In case of any query or suggestion, please drop an email at [email protected] or raise your ticket at Webkul UV desk.

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