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    Ebay Odoo Bridge(EOB)


    Odoo is one of the robust frameworks and it can be connected to any third-party application. eBay Odoo bridge(EOB) provides in-depth integration between Odoo and eBay. It helps to synchronize common fields and also helps to easily maintain and access data on one platform. eBay Odoo bridge(EOB) helps to synchronize eBay Products, Categories, Orders, Partners, Shipping Methods and Business Policies to Odoo and also synchronize products from Odoo to eBay.


    • Using this plugin, you can create multiple instances of eBay like- eBay UK,eBay India etc. at Odoo end, for importing data from eBay.
    • eBay Odoo bridge helps to Import eBay Products, Categories, Orders, Partners, Shipping Methods and Business Policies to Odoo.
    • It helps to automate Import/Update eBay products, orders and categories using the scheduler.
    • It Export/Update Odoo products to eBay.
    • Maintain synchronization history for each import and update of data
    • It also provides real-time stock synchronization from Odoo to eBay.


    To start working on eBay Odoo Bridge(EOB), it is mandatory to install the core module that is Odoo Multi-Channel Sale.

    Also, it is mandatory that you should have installed eBaysdk.

    Now after defining all configurations and credential correctly and testing the connection successfully, a new menu “Multi Channel” will appear.


    Using this functionality you can import Products, Orders, Categories, Partners, Shipping Methods and Business Policies from eBay to Odoo with a single click.

    Import Categories-

    To import eBay categories, click on Import Categories button. You can set the default level limit of categories which get imported to Odoo. You can also select eBay Parent Category which helps you to define the category from which it starts importing. After defining all selected fields, click on import now button.

     Import Shipping Methods– Using this plugin you can import shipping methods from eBay to Odoo.

    Import Business Policies

    In eBay Business Policies divided into three parts-

    1-Payment Policy
    2-Shipping Policy
    3-Return Policy

    Note– Either you can use existing Business policies of eBay or you can create new policies(custom) at the time of exporting products on eBay.

    Import Product-

    Using this plugin you can import products from eBay to Odoo, for that you can define a time period Start Time From and Start Time To. The products for the particular time period will import at Odoo.

    Import Orders

    Moreover, using this module, you can import eBay orders to Odoo by clicking on Import Orders.

    Order Placed at eBay end-


    Order Imported at Odoo end-

    Mapping Order State 

    In order to map Odoo Order State like- Quotation, Draft, Confirmed etc. according to the eBay Order State like-Completed, Cancel, etc. you need to configure the Order States of both channels accordingly.

    For example- Those orders whose state is “Completed” at eBay end will be mapped and synced as “Sale Order” state at Odoo end.

    Also for those orders whose state is not mapped will come under “Default State” at Odoo end.


    Export and Update Operation

    With the help of this plugin, either you can export/update all products at once or you can export/update single product template at a time on eBay.

    For that click on “Export and Update Templates” and after selecting the desired eBay channel to export, you will get a pop-up window as shown below-

    Product Exported at eBay end-


    Once done with Export/Import of all the fields, you can see the brief summary of Export/Import data on the Dashboard.

    The dashboard displays the count of Products, Categories, Orders, and Partners imported from eBay to Odoo.

    Also, the dashboard contains the direct link for mapping of Products, Categories, Orders, and Partners, etc.

    Also, using this plugin you can manage and sync data on multiple instances of eBay created at Odoo end.

    For example– If you have imported a product from one eBay instance to Odoo and then the same product can be exported to another instance of eBay.

    This was all about the functionality of our plugin, so purchase this module now and connect your eBay with Odoo.


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at and for any doubt contact us at

    Current Product Version - 1.0

    Supported Framework Version - v9, v10 & v11

    . . .

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  • Adam Cai
    what’s version of ebay api is this supporting?
    how to install eBaySDK?
    Does this process eBay message?
    • Arun Mitre
      Hello Adam

      As per your query, I would like to tell you that, our connector supports version ‘2.1.5’ of eBay API.
      For eBaySDK installation you can check this link here >>
      Also, by default, our connector does not process eBay message.

      For more information, regarding our module, you can contact us at

  • Tony Lester
    What version of Odoo does this work on?
    • Megha Webkul
      Hi Tony, our module Ebay Odoo Bridge works on Odoo version 9 and version 10. In case of any query or doubt with our module, feel free to drop us a mail at-
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