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    Easy Tips to Improve your Google Rank with Joomla

    Updated 19 May 2017

    How to improve your site rank , Google page rank or search engine optimization these are the hot topics of Discussion . I heard from many people that the Joomla is not good for the S.E.O . First of all i want to clarify that Joomla is an awesome C.M.S and very search engine friendly .Joomla in-build search engine friendly (S.E.F) is very good despite that there are also so many extensions available in the Joomla extension directory which are really very good. We’ll discuss Here more on Joomla Search engine optimization in a very lucid manner . Here we go…

    Content : “Content is king” Really content is king If your site have good and healthy content , you need not to be worry about the page rank etc… Google will automatically find your site .Relevant data also has its importance . So Relevant data + Healthy(Good content) = No Worry 😉

    SiteMap: SiteMap is also a very good technique in respect with site richness as well as Search engine optimization. In WebKul we uses Xmap Sitemap .Xmap is really an awesome component it generates dynamic SiteMap But never Forget to add this site Map to Google Webmaster Tool.

    SEF URL’s: Search engine Friendly Url’s are also key points for the SEO actually what happens Joomla generates little wired URL’s which are not search engine friendly Joomla in-build SEF extension is quite good but there are also some extensions which are really veru awesome like Artio

    Canonical SEO(301 Redirect) : Generally guys thinks that like or or are same but its not true make sure all your urls follows the same url weather they are or

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    Check Your Not Found Pages: Not Found links are not good for Search engine optimizations. To check your Not Found pages use the Google Web-Master tool

    Robot.txt: Check you robot.txt file, robot file participate a very good role for the dead links are not found pages please refer Mattcutts blog For the Robot.txt.

    Hide PDF , Printer Icons: If there is no use of PDF icons on your page Hide them because they down your page in Deep Web , Which are not Search engine friendly.

    Don’t Use Very Large No of META Tags and Meta Description: This is very Silly but important aspect never use very large no of meta tags as well meta descriptions too but i’ll always suggest them to use meta tags and meta descriptions but be in Limit ;).

    Use Heading Tag(h3): Heading tag also play an important role in S.E.O .I’ll suggest, make you page heading as h3 heading Generally Joomla follow this rule automatically but some templates don’t follow this concept.

    Healthy Backlinks : Healthy Backlinks plays a tremendous role in Joomla as well as any site’s SEO , But Make sure these links are healthy(good) generally guys make spam links which is bad 🙁

    Update and Update: Really Site content update is the most important concept .Update your site content regularly ,this we’ll really help your site .

    We are not done yet There is a lot on Search engine optimization .For any query or suggestion drop a mail in our mailbox or just comment it out Thanks 😮


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