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    Customer Previous Ticket App

    Updated 31 August 2020

    Customer previous ticket app allows the user (agents) to view all the previous tickets created by the same customer by clicking on the Customer Previous Tickets icon. The agents can also select the Assets Visibility for the previous customer tickets.

    The agents can click on any of the previous tickets to view their details and to communicate with the customer regarding that ticket query. Customer Previous Tickets icon also allows the agents to view the assigned team, agent, and group for the previous tickets.

    Features of Customer Previous Ticket App

    • The agents can view all the previous tickets of the customers by clicking on the customer’s previous ticket icon.
    • The agents can click on the Assets Visibility under the customer’s previous ticket icon to view more details of the tickets.
    • Save time to search the previous ticket for the same customer.
    • The agents can click on any of the previous customer tickets to view their query/details.

    Installation of Customer Previous Ticket App

    Step 1: Make a directory with the name uvdesk inside the project’s App folder.


    • Make sure your project must be running under the development environment.

    Step 2: The customer will get a zip folder after purchasing the extension. After that, unzip the respective extension zip then rename the extracted folder name to “customer-previous-tickets” after that merge customer-previous-tickets folder into the project root directory inside apps/uvdesk

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    Step 3: After that, run these commands below to complete the setup in the Project root directory.

    1$ php bin/console uvdesk_extensions:configure-extensions
    1$ php bin/console assets:install

    At last, clear project cache

    1$php bin/console c:c

    Once the commands have executed successfully, login to the admin panel.

    UVdesk Admin Panel

    Once you will install the module successfully, you need to navigate ticket list page as shown below:


    Click on the ticket on which response is needed. At the top right corner you will see customer previous ticket option as shown below:


    Also, the support agent can click on more ticket link.


    Once you will click on that option, previous ticket details will appear on the ticket associated with customer email Id.


    The support agent can check other previous ticket by clicking on ticket link.

    Moreover, the support agent can also set the visibility of the asset via checkbox in respect of groups, agents, customer name, status, etc. for customer previous ticket.



    That’s all for the Customer’s previous ticket app for UVdesk Open Source. Furthermore, if you still have any issue please raise a ticket on our ticket panel.

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