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Chatwhizz Screenshot & Screen Recorder Extension.

Updated 23 August 2023

We as a Webkul introduce the Chatwhizz Screenshot & Screen Recorder Extension. for the Chatwhizz user, which is live now on the Chrome web store. To know more about the Chatwhizz screenshot extension read the blog till the end.

To know the registration of Chatwhizz check here.

This extension allows the user to take screenshots instantly, with a Screen Recording Feature – is your ultimate solution for capturing and sharing your digital experiences like never before! This innovative extension seamlessly combines the power of instant screenshots with the versatility of screen recording, all in one user-friendly package. the user can create a timer of 5 seconds on the web, and you can upload an image file here by drag and drop.

After that user can easily edit then download and share the screenshot via image or URL.

This Screenshot Extension

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Check the below video of the Chatwhizz screenshot extension:


The top feature of the Chatwhizz Screenshot & Screen Recorder Extension.

The extension gives you multiple options to edit the screenshots and multiple sharing options.

  • User, one-click screenshot creation and Crop the screenshot area as per the choice.
  • Highlight the screenshot area with rectangle shapes.
  • Users can create arrows, and lines, via different tools to mark the area.
  • An extension user can blur the sensitive information in the screenshot.
  • You can easily download, copy and create the URL of the screenshot for sharing purposes.
  • With the help of this extension, users can take screenshots instantly, after 5sec, full page screenshots, edit any local image, and screen recording.

How to add Chatwhizz Screenshot & Screen Recorder Extension.?

To add this extension, the user needs to go to the Chrome web store and search for the Chatwhizz screenshot extension.


Then the user needs to Select or click on the Chatwhizz screenshot extension and click on the add extension button.

Once the user clicks on the extension icon it will show a pop-up with various options Capture Now, Capture After 5s, Capture Full Page, Edit any local image, and screen recording.


The very first time when user clicks on any above options then it will redirect the user to the Chatwhizz login page where the user needs to enter only the domain.

Here the user needs to enter the registered domain with Chatwhizz.

 Chatwhizz screenshot extension

After successfully adding the domain and clicking on the proceed button It will redirect to the user login page.


If the user wants to pin or unpin the Chatwhizz screenshot extension then refer to the below image.

 Chatwhizz screenshot extension

Let’s check how the Chatwhizz screenshot extension work.

Now, the user needs to click on the Chatwhizz screenshot logo from the top right corner, then again a pop-up appears with four different options.

  • Capture Now: If you select the capture now option then the user can take the screenshot on the spot.
  • Capture After 5s: If you select capture after 5s then a timer of 5s will run and after that screenshot will be captured.
  • Capture entire page: If the user wants to take a screenshot of the full page then use the Capture entire page.
    If you want to stop the screenshot in the middle of the process then yes you can stop from the stop button as shown in the given image.
  • Edit Local Image: From this option, you can simply upload the local image then edit the image and share it with anyone via URL, Media and a s an attachment.
  • Screen recording: Screen recording refers to the process of capturing everything that’s happening on your computer or device screen and saving it as a video link. This is often done to create tutorials, presentations, software demonstrations, gameplay videos, or to document any activity taking place on the screen.
Chatwhizz screenshot extension

After selecting any option, you need to select the area to crop.

 Chatwhizz screenshot extension

After cropping you can edit your screenshot with the various tools as mentioned below.

  • Select Color
 Chatwhizz screenshot extension
  • Rectangle
 Chatwhizz screenshot extension
  • Line:
 Chatwhizz screenshot extension
  • Arrow:
 Chatwhizz screenshot extension
  • Blur:
 Chatwhizz screenshot extension
  • Text:
 Chatwhizz screenshot extension
  • Brush:
 Chatwhizz screenshot extension
  • Undo:
 Chatwhizz screenshot extension
  • Redo: If the updated changes undo by chance then you can redo the changes.
 Chatwhizz screenshot extension

Here we will see how to download the image, Create the URL of the screenshot, and how to copy the screenshot.

  • Download the screenshot: With just one click you can download the screenshot in your system as an image.
 Chatwhizz screenshot extension
  • URL Creation: From here you can easily create a URL for the screenshot and easily share it with anyone.
 Chatwhizz screenshot extension
  • Copy Screenshot: From this button, you can simply copy the screenshot to the clipboard.
 Chatwhizz screenshot extension

The user can check and view the screenshot list user needs to go to the user dashboard >> screenshot.

  • Screen Recording: Let me show you all, how you can use screen recording.

    Firstly click on the extension button on the top bar and select the record screen. As shown in the below image.

After selecting the screen recording, you will get various options such

Desktop: If you select this then you will get Record mircophone and Record camera are the tab opitons you can enable and dissable them, Count down time option gives you to select the timer, camera, and microphone options as well.


This tab: If you select this then you will get an extra option along with the above mentioned (Tab sound) by which you can simple enable and dissable the tab sound.


After selecting any of two you will get a new window popup by google to select one of them (the chrome tab, window, and entire screen).


It does not end here, While recording the screen/activity on your device you will get some tools functionality as shown in the below image.


Once you stop the recording it will give you a screen recording with a sharable link, so that you can share the recording with others


Also, If you click on the three dots (action button) you will get an option of picture in picture.

Picture in Picture: It allows you to watch one video or content source (the main source) while simultaneously displaying a smaller, secondary video or content source within the same screen.



Thus, that’s all about Chatwhizz Screenshot Extension If you have any issues, please feel free to write a mail to [email protected] and let us know your views at our HelpDesk System.

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