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    Odoo Appointment Management System


    Need to manage your appointment and keep your bookings organized? If yes then this module Odoo Appointment Management System will help business professionals like you to manage appointments and bookings.

    Odoo Appointment Management System is a module that allows managing appointments and bookings. It helps the user to book an appointment for a customer with an appointment member and hence giving a date and timeslot to the customer, along with the maintenance of appointment records and invoices.


    • Appointment Management System can be used to arrange meetings and appointments.
    • A user can book an appointment for a customer with an appointed member.
    • On booking an appointment user can provide an appointment number to the customer.
    • The user can provide a Date and Timeslot to a customer after booking an appointment.
    • Facility to download and print a Report of a Booked Appointment.
    • Groups can be created for a similar category of Appointment Members.
    • Appointment members can be created and added to their Groups.
    • The module allows the feature to create Timeslots and assign to the Appointment members.
    • Provides Mail Notification facility to send a Reminder before an Appointment.
    • Admin can pre-define some products in order to add charges to the appointment.
    • A user can add the lines in Appointment to apply Charges and taxes in the booked appointment.
    • Appointment Status is maintained on each action taken.
    • A user can Approve or Reject the Appointment.


    After buying this app from our Webkul store you will get the link for downloading the zip file. Simply download it and extract then you will see the wk_appointment folder, now you will have to copy this app folder inside your Odoo addons path.

    Now simply follow these steps:
    1. Go to settings menu and click on Activate the Developer mode.
    2. Now go to apps menu and Click on ‘Update Modules List’.
    3. Remove the app’s filter and search for the wk_appointment key.
    4. Now you will see the module then simply install it.

    After installing you will be able to handle different functionality as mentioned in module’s workflow.


    First of all, the admin needs to create few service type product for an appointment which will be further used when adding appointment lines.

    Admin can also enable the reminder and edit mail notification templates which will be sent to the customer as a reminder. Also, this module gives an option to enable and edit mail notification templates which will be sent to the customer on the approval of the appointment.

    Admin can edit the template of the mail and manage the content respectively.

    Once the configuration is done the admin can create various sources through which the booking can be done. To create a new appointment source follow the instructions below in the image.

    Appointment slot is an important part while booking an appointment. From Appointment>>Appointment slot>>create button admin can create a new slot for booking an appointment.

    To add a new Appointment slot timing you need to define the name of the slot the particular date, start and end time for that particular appointment slot. Also, you can add a description to the respective slot.

    To book an appointment you need to create various appointment groups from the menu of Appointment group. In a particular group, there will be few members. Also in the kanban view, you can see the total number of members in a group.

    This image will tell you how to create an appointment group. Admin can simply name the group and add display picture for the group as per need and can add or remove members who belong to that particular group. This classification of members is very important to manage appointments.

    Now lets us understand how appointment members will be created. The admin can create a new group member from the menu Group Members. In the kanban view, admin can see the appointment groups to which a member belongs. It is not mandatory that a member will belong to only one specific group.

    On clicking create button within the menu group members admin can create a new member. Inside the member details, you need to mention the name, details and appointment groups and the time slot in which he will be available.

    Now lets us check how a new appointment will be booked. From the menu of New Appointment, admin can check all the booked appointments in the calendar and also by clicking on the particular date you can book a new appointment.

    Soon after clicking on the date you are doing the booking you need to submit the details regarding the appointment such as the customer name, appointment group and the member with whom the appointment is to be booked just after you will fill the appointment with field the time slot will be filtered automatically as per the availability of that member on that particular date. Also, you can add the service type product for this customer.

    After all the details are saved the appointment needs to be set to pending and to be either approved or rejected. The sum total will also be calculated once you save all the details.

    Inside the other Info tab, you can enable or disable the reminder set for the customer. By default, it will be enabled.

    After the pending stage, the appointment can either be approved or rejected. Accordingly, the status of the appointment will be changed.

    After the appointment is approved it will be ready to be invoiced or set to be done. If the invoice is not created a message will be displayed under the subtotal.

    Once the invoice is created it is ready to be validated. Hence you will find the attached invoice for the particular appointment.

    Once the payment is done and registered the message will be displayed under the subtotal. Also, the respective invoice will be attached to the specific appointment.

    Once the payment is done for the appointment you can check the payment details inside the Other Info tab.

    List of all the booked appointment can be checked from the menu All Appointment. You can also apply various filters to check the desired appointment.


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at and for any doubt contact us at

    Current Product Version - 1.0.0

    Supported Framework Version - Odoo version 11

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