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Amazon Marketplace Buy Box Element

Updated 29 November 2022

Amazon Buy Box is available on the product page where all the product details are visible to the customer. Exactly from there, the customer processes the purchase. 

Now the point is that the same product can be sold by multiple third-party sellers at different prices. But all the sellers can be featured on the product details page.

Only those who won the Amazon Buy Box will be visible under the seller list. 

Moreover, we must also consider the Webkul Seller Price Comparison which has the same functionalities of comparing multiple seller prices provided by the third-party seller. 


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As multiple sellers are already available on the list, and not all the sellers are going to win the buy box and come under that category. 

Grow Your Business with FBA 

Another point that will increase the chances is to sell your products through FBA i.e. Fulfillment By Amazon.

Further, Amazon has created a fulfilment network under which multiple fulfilment centres are situated.

In this, the seller needs to generate Amazon’s shipment and send the product to fulfilment centres situated near them. Then Amazon will ship those products to the customers. 

Meanwhile, this does not mean that the fulfilment by the merchant will not be able to opt for the buy box. But it is like that, the FBA has a better approach towards the buy box winning. 

Stock Availability

Further, it’s really important for the seller to hold enough stock count in the warehouses or fulfilment centres. Because most times it happens that the customer requires several quantities of any product.

Moreover, let’s consider who will be preferable, the seller with 10 units or the seller with 10 units of the product?

Obviously, the seller with a better quantity will be preferable to win the buy box as they can fulfil customer requirements in the worst phases too. 

Further, this point must be taken care of by each and every seller available in the marketplace. As there are multiple sellers already present under the category of the buy box.

So if the metrics of your products are way higher than your direct competitors then it is genuine to add an increased amount.

Apply Competing Prices

Else, if other sellers’ metrics are better then you should use the lesser price that beats or matches the prices of other sellers to fall into the buy box.   

Shipping Time 

Meanwhile, the most concentrated metric is the time taken by the seller to ship the product. It is easier for the FBA sellers as they can ship it by Amazon services. 

It is beneficial to approach time-critical products for the buy box feature. Time-critical products are those which require faster delivery. This includes birthday cards, cakes, and other perishable items.

The impact of shipping metrics will be higher as the customer demands speedy delivery for such products, 

How Webkul Seller Price Comparison Works?

Webkul provides extension or plugin for seller price comparison that can be installed into your store, using which the customer can compare the products by multiple sellers.

The plugin is available on multiple platforms like Magento 2, Opencart, WooCommerce, etc. The links are given below:

Below we have shown an image from the WooCommerce seller price comparison module. It shows the product page of a regular product, and if we can see then below the seller list of sellers is also available:

Amazon Buy Box Marketplace

The customer can simply check the product prices, compare them, and add them to the cart. For different platforms, the look will be different. 

In this, the store owner can configure the feature from the backend for all the mentioned platforms. The store admin can set the products for seller comparison. 


Sellers can easily manage the product stock and update the quantity as and when required.

Buy Box in your Multi-Vendor Marketplace

The sellers must be a little more algorithmic towards the approach that Amazon uses. Likewise, if you have an online marketplace then you must approach some basic algorithm that a seller must follow to get into the category of the buy box. 

The metrics mentioned above must be there in your marketplace to increase the eagerness of sellers to come to your marketplace and compete with other sellers and get featured in the buy box seller list. 

Make sure that the sellers must follow some basic criteria to become featured sellers. The reason behind this is the perfect product should be shipped to the customer with the best quality. 

Impact of Buy Box in your Marketplace

Visibility: By adding this feature the reputation of the brand increases. So the customer will start reaching more specific sellers. 

Credibility: If the seller is featured on the top then it must have won certain metrics and approaches, so it increases the trust. 

Customer Requirement: The customer checks each and every product very thoroughly and checks the quantity and quality of the products. 

That’s all for the Amazon Buy Box. If you still have any doubts or suggestions, feel free to add a ticket at

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