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Everything you need to know about Akeneo 6.0.x

Updated 5 September 2023

If you want to learn about the changes in Akeneo 6.0.x, this article will be very useful. You’ll also learn how to install Akeneo 6.0.x and how to migrate data from Akeneo 5.0.x to 6.0.x in this article.


Akeneo is an open source PIM system that assists organisations in increasing productivity by providing their teams with the most effective and dependable platform.

It maintains consistent, high quality, and correct product information across several channels.

Akeneo creates a central store for all of your key product data by providing multi-channel data importing and exporting capabilities.

Benefits of Akeneo

Here are four major benefits of using Akeneo for Product Information Management.


Extremely Simple to Use

Akeneo features a very user-friendly interface that is simple to grasp and master.

Your team members will be able to work swiftly and easily with this web-based PIM, which combines good design trends and excellent handling.

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Product Data Management that Is Effortless

Akeneo can help you centralise all of your data and eliminate duplicate information, freeing you from the time-consuming maintenance of several data sheets.

Importing Product Details and Images is Simple and Quick

With a single click of a button, you may add and change a plethora of items.

If you add a Duplicate Product, Akeneo will recognize it and update the current record instead of generating a new one.

Web Services Compatibility

Akeneo also ensures that your online services are continually updated with high-quality data.

There are several other advantages to adopting Akeneo PIM software for your organisation.


What new does Akeneo PIM 6.0.x include?

Connecting your Akeneo PIM is a critical component of operating a successful omni-channel business.

As a result, with Akeneo PIM Version 6, we’ve added additional features and capabilities to enhance your API and connection experience.

With new features and enhancements in areas like as Connectivity and Productivity, Akeneo PIM 6.0 can help you take your business to the next level.

Akeneo PIM 6.0.x is a version with Long-Term Support (LTS). It will be supported for 18 months, till September 30th, 2023.

See which extensions are compatible with your PIM Automatically.

If you need to delete many assets from the same family at the same time, you may now do it through the Akeneo PIM user interface. It will surely save you a great deal of time!

Simple App Management and Step-by-Step App Activation

Apps are the most recent approach to connect Akeneo PIM to other third-party technologies required to manage your business.

With the new step-by-step activation process, connecting your PIM is easier than ever.

There’s also a new navigation option called Connected Apps in the Connect Menu. After you’ve activated your Connected Apps, you’ll find them here.

New API Endpoint for Deleting Product Models

DELETE /api/rest/v1/product-models/code is a new API endpoint. Delete a specific product model, including with its sub-product models and variation items, quickly and as well as efficiently.

It also facilitates data synchronization between your data sources (such as your ERP) that use our API and your PIM.


Features of Akeneo PIM Version 6.0.x

Akeneo PIM is intended to assist you in becoming more productive and collaborating more effectively.

As a result, with Akeneo PIM Version 6, we’ve included new features and capabilities to boost your efficiency with data exports and distribution, as well as UI modifications to make your PIM even simpler to use.

Manage your Multi Dimensional Data

It is now simple and user-friendly to structure and add product dimensions, nutritional statistics, ingredients, or packaging information to your product pages directly from your PIM!

However, discover new Akeneo Table Attribute feature, use one of the provided templates, or create your own from start.


Tailored Exports with Advanced Product Exports

Tailored Exports allows you to personalize your product export structure, content, and sources from your export tasks.

You can now simply produce and Export CSV files and XLSX files to meet your needs, the needs of your stakeholders, or the requirements of a certain channel, thanks to Tailored Exports.


Tailored Export Operations at a Higher Level

Tailored Exports processes enable you to produce the most useful data files for your stakeholders by exporting your Akeneo PIM values in various ways.


Boost Your Productivity with a New Category Screen

When establishing a new category, you may also specify the label for the current locale in addition to the code.

This saves time since you no longer have to click around to get to the label field.


Improve your Attribute Management

To provide a better user experience, the attribute choices page for single and as well as multiple-select attributes has been totally revamped.

Navigate more easily between your option codes and their translations, and handle your attribute options more efficiently.


System Menu Redesign

This is your completely new system menu. It divides into two sections: System Navigation and User Management Navigation settings.

This will appear extremely familiar, as it is very similar to its older sister, the Settings Menu, which was published a few months ago.


More Assets in a Single Asset Family

Images, videos, product sheets, pdfs, and as well as other media files requires to provide captivating and tailored experiences to your customers.

As your media collection expands, Akeneo can keep up by enabling up to 10 million assets per asset family.


Delete Your Assets in Bulk

If you need to delete many assets from the same family at the same time, you may now do it through the Akeneo PIM user interface. It will surely save you time!


Process Tracker Redesign

Using an updated process tracker feature, you can keep track of your tasks and as well as jobs. However, a new progress indicator and filters allow you to keep a closer check on your projects.


PhP Version in Akeneo 6.0.x

Akeneo, which is built on PHP and MySQL, specifies Php 8.0 as the minimum need for Akeneo 6.0.x.

PHP 8.0 is a major upgrade to the PHP programming language.

It includes numerous new features and optimizations, including as named arguments, union types, attributes, property promotion, match expression, nullsafe operator, JIT, and enhancements to the type system, error handling, and consistency.


MySQL 8.0.23 is supported by Akeneo 6.0.x. You can also learn “How to Take an Akeneo Database Backup” from this page.

This module also allows you to backup the database and assets and restore the backup files.


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That was all about the  Everything you need to know about Akeneo 6.0.x. Moreover, if you have any doubts or queries regarding the extension get back to us at [email protected] or create a ticket at our HelpDesk system.

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