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Recover Abandoned Carts with OpenERP CRM

Updated 25 March 2015



Often customers, having added products to carts, do not complete their purchases and the carts becomes Abandoned. Online shopping carts are abandoned for a number of reasons but the results are the same – lost revenue.

According to Wikipedia, an approximate abandoned rate for an e-commerce retailer is 20%. That means, an online retailer found that of the 25,000 customers who loaded items into their shopping carts, only 20,000 actually go for checkout stage.

According to an online survey, an average of 67.75% of all online shopping carts is abandoned.

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There are a number of reasons that a customer can abandon a cart, such as lack or trust in the store, uncertainty in price advantage, feature confusion, shipping concerns, and more.

No matter how many landing pages you’ve optimized or how many offers you’ve sent, customers are still prone to abandon their carts. Reengage them and compel them to come back using “OpenERP CRM” with our “Recover Abandoned Carts(RAC)” utility.


This utility converts the online shopping cart into lead/opportunity, on OpenERP from your E-commerce, before the cart becomes abandoned. On OpenERP side, your sales person will take care of the cart or owner of that cart, tries to solve the problem in more better way (by sending mails, doing phone calls, giving better deals, betters shipping), finally, if succeeded, recoup your lost revenue. Hence, an online cart is get recovered, so easily.

Who or What conditions decided when the cart becomes abandoned?

This utility uses two ways for deciding when the cart needs to convert into lead/opportunity on OpenERP –
  •  As we know that the maximum probability for recovering cart is when the customer is going to leave your online shop. So, whenever the customer leaves(logout) from your online e-commerce shop, having  some items remaining in his/her cart, a corresponding lead will be generated on your OpenERP , so that the salesperson can provide more better support to him.
  •  You can also specify some time for converting abandoned carts into lead and let it be done automatically by OpenERP.  

Types of E-commerce Supported:

Currently, this utility support two popular e-commerce stores-



Conclusion- Why wait for the Cart to be Abandoned, when we recover it before!

If there`s anything you should take away from this article, it`s that the easiest solution for the most difficult problem(Abandoned Carts) is to solve/recover at right time and at right place(with OpenERP CRM), with right tool(RAC) too.

Recovering a cart before it becomes abandoned is very important because the cart owner has already spent their time interacting with your site. By using RAC(Recover Abandoned Cart) utility with OpenERP CRM, you can use automatic-email trigger, call tracking & many other services to communicate ,which makes your company unique.

Check the Demo from here:

For Prestashop:

PrestShop`s Information:
password: webkul12#
OpenERP`s Information:
username : admin
password  : webkul

For Magento:

Magento`s Information:
user : admin
password: admin123
OpenERP`s Information:
username : admin
password  : webkul

. . .

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