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Prestashop Redsys Payment Gateway

Updated 9 January 2024

Offer a simple, hassle-free payment process with a seamless checkout experience by integrating Spain’s biggest payment provider with your Prestashop store. Prestashop Redsys Payment Gateway enables you to accept secure online payments via debit or credit card allowed by your bank.

Also, Redsys supports 3D secure authentication, an added layer of security so that you can protect both your business and your customers against potential card payment fraud. This extension allows you to issue full or partial refunds from the Prestashop back office. Refund functionality helps you retain customers and boost loyalty on your store.

Reduce cart abandonment and increase conversions by providing a secure, flexible, and reliable payment solution on the store.

Note: Prestashop Redsys Payment Gateway module is compatible with Prestashop Version 8.x.x.

Features of Prestashop Redsys Payment Gateway

  • Supports 3D secure authentication.
  • Works in test as well as real mode.
  • Configure order status for orders whose payment is done through the Redsys payment gateway.
  • Allow card only, card and Iupay, or only bizum payment type to the customers.
  • Option to customize the payment title to display on the checkout page.
  • Allow customers to save & manage card details.
  • Automatically detects the language from the customer’s browser.
  • Choose to log payment details in a plain text file.
  • A separate tab “Redsys Transactions” to view all the transactions done via Redsys.
  • Option to refund the order amount partially or in full.
  • Multishop compatible.
  • This module is GDPR compliant.


  1. Go to back office ->modules ->Module Manager.
  2. Now, click on “Upload a module” button and select the module’s zip file.
  3. In this way, module gets install on Prestashop.
Prestashop Redsys Payment Gateway Installation
Prestashop Redsys Payment Gateway Installation
Prestashop Redsys Payment Gateway Installation

Redsys Payment Gateway Configuration

To configure the module, you have to specify merchant code, terminal number, and secret encryption key provided by the bank for your business. Also, you can choose to use the module in a test or real mode.

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Under Configuration, you can:

  • Payment type (card only, card and lupay, or only bizum) that will be available to customers.
  • Configure the order status of the orders for which the customers make payments via Redsys payment gateway.
  • Set the payment gateway title that will display on the checkout page.
  • Enable or Disable the auto detection of language from customer’s browser.
  • Enable or Disable to log all the payment details in a plain text file.
  • Admin can allow customers to save their card details. Note this option is only available for Card only, and Card and Iupay payment types. This feature is not available for Bizum payment type.

If “Activate the language on the POS” is disabled, then all the details on Redsys site are displayed in Spanish language. You can also download or clear the payment log.

How To Get API Credentials

For obtaining the merchant code, terminal number, and secret encryption key you have to go to On the Redsys site, you have to go to “About us“. Here you can a list of banks. You can contact one of these banks to get the required details.


Front End Workflow of Prestashop Redsys Payment Gateway

On the checkout page, a customer can view “Redsys Payment Gateway” option as shown below:

Redsys Payment

When a customer selects “Redsys Payment Gateway” and proceeds to pay for his order he redirects to the Redsys site. On the Redsys website, the customer can view the payment information and enter card details to complete the payment.

If admin has allowed customers to save their card details, then customers will get an option to save their card at the checkout. Also they will see their previously saved card details.

Note this option is only available for Card only, and Card and Iupay payment types. This feature is not available for Bizum payment type.

3D secure page

After entering the card details, a customer redirects to a 3D secure page where he needs to enter an authentication code. Once the code is verified, customer can click on continue button to complete the payment.


Once the payment process is complete, customer gets redirected to the order confirmation page. Customer can view payment method name on the order confirmation page as shown below:

order confirmation page

Redsys Saved Card

Redsys Cards

Customer can view their saved card details in their account section. A new tab “Redsys cards” is added. Customers can view and delete their saved cards from here.

Saved Card List

Redsys Transactions

A separate tab “Redsys Transactions” under which you can view the orders placed via Redsys payment gateway. Under Redsys Transaction, you can view transaction details of each order and also manage the refunds.

Redsys transactions

On Redsys Transactions page, click on “view” button to view the transaction details.

refund process

You can choose to refund the full amount or partial amount under “Refund Form” tab.

Full Refund


Partial Refund


Once you have processed the refund, then a record for that refund gets create on “Redsys Transactions” page as shown below:


You can also view the refund details on the “Orders” page as shown below:

redsys refund details

That is all about Prestashop Redsys Payment Gateway.

If you are looking for a module that can help you reduce shopping cart abandonment on the store, then please check out the blog.


For any kind of technical assistance or query, please raise a ticket at or send us a mail at [email protected]

Also, please explore our Prestashop development services and vast range of quality Prestashop addons.

Current Product Version - 4.1.0

Supported Framework Version - 8.x.x, 1.7.x.x

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