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    Prestashop Multi-Social Posts

    With the ever-increasing use of various social media channels, the way of advertisements is also changing. In the past decade only, the users on social media channels have increased significantly. This is not only making merchants adopt new strategies of advertisements but also allowing them to promote their products through these ads. Keeping in mind the fact that it may become hectic to post about products on multiple websites one by one. We bring you the Prestashop Multi-Social Posts module.

    This module will help you to schedule your posts for various websites. You can also publish these posts on all the websites in one go. This will help you to promote your products & spread the word across millions of users available on these social media websites.

    It’s a very well known fact on which you, I or anyone else, would easily agree. Nowadays, posts on social media websites tend to attract us more than ever. And, we do wish to follow the link of the post to find out more about the product or services. This is true with most of the users out there. Hence, providing the product link not only facilitates in sales of the product but easily lands the user from a social media website to yours. And, this is not what we anticipate from the various method of advertisements which we adopt for the promotion of products or the store.

    Features of the Prestashop Multi-Social Posts Module

    • Post to various social media websites in one go.
    • Create a social media post for the product.
    • Either save the post as a draft or publish it instantly.
    • Schedule a post to publish on the selected time and date.
    • Allow or restrict the description of the product in the post.
    • Allow or restrict the image of the product in the post.
    • Enable or disable the option to consider the post as successful only if it was posted across all the websites.
    • Customize the description, image & product link of the post.
    • Select the social media websites to publish the post on them.
    • The calendar shows all the successful and failed posts on a particular date.
    • View all the drafts of social media posts under ‘drafts’ section.

    How to install the Prestashop Multi-Social Posts Module

    • Go to Module Manager in Back office and click on ‘upload a module’.
    • Now, Drag and drop the module file or select the file from the system.
    • In this way, the module installation will be successful.

    How to get the API keys


    To get the API keys admin should have an account on Facebook developer site. Admin needs to create a developer account on Facebook in order to add new apps to the account.

    Enter Display Name and Contact Email Id to Add a New App.

    Go to Basic Settings. Now admin has access to App ID & App secret key to configure his/her module.


    To generate API key & API secret, go to twitter developer site.

    After logging in with your Twitter credentials, you will land on the ‘dashboard’. To create an app, you need to have a developer account on twitter. Submit the application form for the developer account for review. After the approval of the account, you can proceed to create a new app.

    Fill in the required details to create a new app.

    After the successful creation of a new app, you can see a new tab of ‘Keys and tokens’ on the page.

    Under keys and tokens, you will find the API keys of the app. To generate access token click on the generate button available in access token part.

    After clicking on the ‘generate token’ button, access token and access token secret will be generated.


    To generate the API keys, go to Pinterest developers website. After that go to ‘apps’ section to create a new app.

    Fill in the required details and the purpose to create a new app.

    After you submit the application for new app, it goes under review.

    After the approval of your app, you can click on the app icon to access API keys.

    There it is! After clicking on the app icon, you can find the API keys.


    To generate API keys for Tumblr, go to tumblr API web document link. After that go to the ‘What you need’ section. There you will find a link to register a new app. Click on that link and you will land on the following page. Now, click on ‘Register Application’ to proceed further.

    Fill in the required details about the app and click on the ‘register’ button.

    After submission of the form, you may find the API keys below the name of application.

    You also need to click on ‘Show secret key’ to view secret key of the application.

    By following the way explained above, you can access API keys for all the websites.

    How to configure the Prestashop Multi-Social Posts module

    The configuration setting of the module consists of 5 tabs. Here you can choose to allow or restrict the images and descriptions in social media posts. Another option here allows you to enable or disable the marking of status as successful only if the post was shared across all the websites.

    The next 4 sections only consists of forms to fill API keys. In all those sections, you can fill the API keys obtained from their respective websites.


    For Facebook, you can also force refresh the token if it is expired.


    Enter the API credential that you obtained from the website in order to proceed.


    The link for the developer website is given in the information box. Additionally, you can also follow the direct link to create an app. Just like Facebook, you can choose to force refresh the token if it is expired.

    You also need to copy-paste the redirect URL given on the page in app settings on Pinterest.


    Just like Pinterest, you can follow the link given in the box to create developer account and an app. And, don’t forget to add the redirect URL in app settings of Tumblr.

    Workflow of the Prestashop Multi-Social Posts module

    After the successful installation, a new section to manage settings of the module is added on the dashboard.


    The calendar displays the info of the scheduled and successful posts. You can also click on any date to open the form for creating a post for that date.

    Apart from it, you can also create and schedule posts for a certain date range. To do so, click on the date and drag it through another date. After that, a form will open to create a post for the selected date range. And, you can schedule the post for a certain time to post it through all the dates on the selected time.

    You can also view published or scheduled posts for a particular date in the calendar itself.

    Add a new post

    Select a product to post its details on the websites. Either you can post it with default data or you can also customize the post.

    In case, if you don’t want to schedule a post. Then you can choose to save it as draft or post it instantly.

    You can find list of all the drafts under ‘Drafts’ section. Click on any draft to post or edit the details. You can also add new post if you want.

    To create a new post, just fill in the relevant details. And, voila! you are done.

    This was all about the workflow of the module.

    Posts on Social Websites

    In this particular section, I’ve only displayed posts on various websites. This is only to provide the idea that what info will be shared & how the product image will be displayed across different websites.





    This was all about Prestashop Multi-Social posts module. I hope this document will help you in checking the functionality of the module in a better way. And, do let us know about your views in comments.

    To know more about other social media modules developed by webkul, check the list at :


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at and for any doubt contact us at

    Current Product Version - 4.0.0

    Supported Framework Version - 1.7.x.x

    . . .

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