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    Everything You Need to Know About Pimcore X!

    Updated 14 June 2022


    Pimcore is a consolidated enterprise platform for master data management (PIM/MDM), user experience management (CMS/UX), digital asset management (DAM) and eCommerce using this companies can organize their data. 

    The Pimcore X is the most latest version offered by the platform that guarantees better performance and automated workflows.

    Webkul as a Pimcore development company is excited to share with you how you can use the Pimcore X that’s built using Symfony 5, PHP 8, and ExtJS 7.

    You may check and find more about Pimcore development services offered by Webkul. 

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    As of now, it has been a while since the Pimcore latest released version 10 is introduced.

    The latest version contains upgrades for everyone from companies to developers and customers. Read the complete article to know more about the Pimcore X.

    New Features in Pimcore X 

    The new version brings performance improvements and new features for enterprise-wide collaboration on product data, digital assets, and content. 

    The use of a new tech stack enhances the experience of using PIM/MDM, DAM, DXP/CMS, and digital commerce solutions in Pimcore X. 

    Further, the Pimcore X incorporates multiple core features such as,

    • Modules for automated imported data.
    • New connectors for automated translation workflows 
    • Moreover, the new experience portals help the key users including both internal (sales, marketing, and product teams) and external.

    Almost a month prior to the official release the Pimcore X beta version role was to fetch the valuable user’s feedback.

    Though the major focus of the beta version was on the bug fixes so that the final version runs smoothly.

    Focus on Backward Compatibility

    In Pimcore X, with the use of the Symfony 5 PHP framework the developers are able to create solutions much faster. 

    Further, the removal of major obsolete legacy code has brought greater code quality at the same time ensuring backward compatibility. 

    Pimcore 6 Community Edition Reaches EOL

    The Pimcore 6 Community Edition version officially reached its end-of-life cycle. The final release was Pimcore 6.9.6 as of June 23, 2021. 

    Now this means there will be no further updates or security patches available. Further, Pimcore will not accept any code contribution either for this version.

    So, it is advised to upgrade to Pimcore X as it may expose your business to a security risk.  

    NOTE – The PHP templating engine or REST web services that you might be using are not supported in Pimcore X.

    Pimcore Data Importer

    The Pimcore allows customers to manage huge product data records. The new data tool significantly helps in helps in the faster exchange of data. 

    The import function allows the import of data from other sources and mapping it with the other Pimcore data objects based on the configured mapping. Hence no need of writing even a single line of code.


    Pimcore Product Experience Portal 

    Moreover, the use of the Pimcore X product experience is enriched by providing real-time product information in consumer-facing PIM portals. 

    It provides multiple capabilities that are explained in brief in the below sections.


    Product search and Filtering

    To fetch the right product information within seconds is important. The Pimcore Product Experience Portal has an Elasticsearch-based full-text search engine that is fast.

    The multi-level search technology with variable filters gives proper search results. Auto-suggest, type-ahead, and stored searches, as well as sharing functions, help to increase overall efficiency.

    Download and Sharing 

    The configurable download manager organises the data as a CSV, XML, or JSON file, allowing third-party applications to process the same.

    Further, the sharing options have many settings that can be configured which include expiration date, relevant media asset file types, resolutions, and watermarking.

    Further, certain terms and conditions must be agreed upon before the material is accessed. The sharing dashboard gives you a real-time snapshot of all active shares so you don’t lose track.

    Added Security

    The Product Experience Portal is built around security and access control, permissions, roles, and internal/external users.

    Define data-pool or user-level access to product information and media assets. All prominent SSO providers are compatible with user authentication.


    Reports and Analytics

    With the integrated Pimcore Analytics Explorer, you can visually build and configure reports and data on the fly.

    Save personalised reports and statistics for later use. Even share the data you’ve analysed with others. To help you save time, the Pimcore Product Experience Portal includes a number of pre-built reports.

    Improvements for User & Agencies  

    The new Editor makes personalizing the data view very simple. It provides user-defined views set up for different groups inside the firm. 

    Further, can create custom views for different groups. Moreover, this does not require any programming; all changes are taken care of via a well-organized user interface.


    Why Migrate to Pimcore X?

    By far you have an idea of what Pimcore X has for you and how it can help your business? In addition to this, there are other multiple factors also such as. 


    • The new autosave function for documents and objects ensures that changes are not lost. The feature automatically saves data after changes. 
    • Easily Edit documents and enter content in the DXP/CMS completely without the need of reloading. 
    • Further, the updated register for translation allows translation for plural terms.

    Pimcore Development Services by Webkul 

    We are the leading developer of Akeneo PIM connectors and a Pimcore development service provider.

    Webkul provides end-to-end Pimcore development and implementation services. We also have a dedicated Symfony team. That has worked on some of the most challenging Symfony-based projects.

    Supervise_Visitor_Behavior-1- Pimcore X

    The Pimcore Connector for Magento 2, Point of Sale (POS) System for Pimcore, Pimcore Connector for Shopify, and others are some of our top Pimcore connectors for eCommerce platforms.

    Further, Webkul is a proud Pimcore developer and the world’s largest self-created PIM plugin marketplace.


    We hope you liked this article. For any query on Pimcore X, you can send us an email at [email protected]. Please let us know if you want to start a Pimcore project with us.

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