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    Opencart Braintree Payment Method

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    This payment gateway works with checkout for payment in Opencart. It will work in Production(Live) as well as Test mode. Braintree payment gateway handles everything, including the creation of user, maintaining their vaults etc.

    Opencart Braintree Payment Method is also available as Marketplace Braintree Payment Gateway.


    • Admin can set two different kind of modal by which customer can pay.
    • Admin can enable and disable that customer can create vault or not.
    • No data will be saved regarding payment like card number, CVV etc in admin’s database.
    • Admin can set initial order status.
    • Admin can select zones in which it will be applicable.
    • Admin can refund payment from Opencart admin end.
    • All transaction will be done in admin’s (Braintree merchant) currency.Currency will be changed automatically during transaction.


    Installation of the module is child’s play you just need to drag your admin, catalog, webkul-braintree-api.

    To install by extension, installer follows this link.

    XML need to be upload through extension installer.

    After that under Extension > Payment menu installs Braintree Payment Method.

    After installing successfully edit it.

    After editing fill the form accordingly, API related details you’ll get on Braintree dashboard.

    You need to fill all the details that are mandatory, mark with asterisk (*) symbol.

    There are basically two types of modal first one is drop-in that is provided by Braintree and will also have an option to pay with Paypal.

    Second modal is custom modal that is manually created.When you will select custom modal, you’ll get one more option that is client side encryption key, that is available on Braintree dashboard.

    Front End

    On the checkout, page customer will get Braintree payment option after enabling from backend like below screenshot.

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    After clicking on continue, based on the selection of modal from backend, modal will become visible.

    It may be a case that you have already used Braintree payment gateway and saved details in vault then last 4 number of your card will be visible. You can pay by that option and also you can use new card option that will show you modal to enter card details.

    After entering card details, click on pay button to pay.

    Drop-in modal screenshot.

    custom modal screenshot

    Admin Side

    At admin side you will get some of the details in Sales->orders. Click on any order you will see the order history if the payment is done by Braintree Payment Method as per the screenshot.

    Transaction id and status of transaction is shown in order along with a button to refund.

    Order can not be refunded till it’s status is settled.

    After refunding the amount, history is generated for refund and customer is notified via email.

    All of those information are very much self explanatory still have any doubt please add a support ticket

    Current Product Version -

    Supported Framework Version - 2.0.x.x, 2.1.x.x, 2.2.x.x, 2.3.x.x

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