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    Odoo Website Terms and Conditions

    Terms and conditions are a contract between you and the user. It is an acceptance by the user, that he has taken an active step to agree to your terms and conditions. This module allows you to add terms and conditions on your website in order to limit your potential liabilities and also set out obligations for the website users. Every user is abiding to accept the terms and conditions for the purchases. Admin can draft or edit the terms and conditions accordingly.


    • Add several clauses in the form of “terms and conditions” to you website.
    • Terms and conditions will be shown on the same page or appear in a pop-up window.
    • Users are abiding to check the terms and conditions, else the warning message will show up.


    Do the module configurations


    Click on the menu webkul website addons, there do the configurations for terms and conditions module. Provide all the necessary details required, mention the label, title and content for terms and conditions applied. Odoo Admin has this feature to display terms and conditions in a popup or on the same page by scrolling down.

    Website view to accept terms and conditions applied


    Click on the check box to accept terms and conditions and also click on the highlighted terms and conditions to view the conditions applied in a popup box.

    Display terms and conditions on the same page


    Display of terms and conditions in a popup window


    An error message shows up when T&C are not accepted.



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    Supported Framework Version - V8/ V9/ V10

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