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    Odoo Website Product Quickview

    This module allows your website users to quickly view the products available online without wasting their time visiting product page. Users conveniently see the products in quickview without leaving the catalog page. User can find the quickview button by moving the cursor over the product. A pop-up appears for the product quickview. Using this module users can directly add to cart from the quickview without redirecting many web pages.


    • It gives shoppers a quick access to product preview in a single click.
    • Users can add to cart from the product quickview page, without redirecting many web pages.
    • It provides users with the convenience shopping experience in a lesser time.
    • This makes browsing products easier and faster, which encourages sales.


    Allows users to product quickview.


    Under customization, check this option for product quickview to allow users to make the browsing easier and faster.

    An option of product quickview button.


    When you enable product quickview option under customization, then you move the cursor over the product, a button option for product quickview will appear.

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    Pop-up view of Product quickview.


    When user click on the product quickview button, a pop-up comes up which shows the product view and gives users an option to add to cart.


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    Current Product Version -

    Supported Framework Version - ODOO 8

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