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    Odoo Multi Vendor Mobile App


    Running an E-commerce marketplace is always a challenging task and reaching to the customers is one of the biggest. Recognizing the various customer touch points and optimizing them allows you to reach a wider audience.

    Today, in 2019 the mobile phone has become one of the primary touch points for businesses. It’s convenient, fast and fits in the palm of the customers.

    So, bring the customers to your Odoo Marketplace through their mobile phones with Odoo Multi-Vendor Mobile App. The app is designed to render the perfect shopping experience to the customers.

    The customers can see the marketplace sellers, their shops and shop ratings, and customer reviews of the products. The customers can add the products to the cart and proceed to the checkout in quick simple steps. Moreover, they can edit their account information, addresses, and check their orders.

    In addition, the sellers can view their shop profile, orders status, and products approval requests status on the go.


    Below is a concise list of the Mobile App’s features. To learn about these features in detail, you can Visit Our Store Page:

    • Designed For Both Android And IOS
    • The customers can browse the App or directly type in the search box to find a product.
    • It also supports voice search.
    • It also displays the products with their individual sellers on the sellers’ page.
    • Real-time synchronization with the Odoo marketplace backend so any changes made to the products, orders, etc at the Odoo backend will reflect in the mobile app in real time.
    • Multi-Language Support with RTL script support.
    • The Odoo admin can enable various notifications alerts for the customers.
    • The seller can overview their marketplace dashboard in the mobile app.
    • The sellers can see the status of various products and orders placed in their account.
    • The interested sellers can also fill the registration form in the App to sell on the Odoo marketplace.
    • The sellers can also contact the Odoo Admin through ‘Ask Admin’ form in the App.


    Configuration Settings For Admin

    Once you have installed Odoo multi-Vendor Marketplace module in Odoo, go to Mobikul >> Settings.

    Here, under Other Addons, tick on the checkbox next to Odoo multi-vendor Marketplace to enable marketplace feature on Odoo multi-vendor mobile App.

    To view the customers’ orders placed on the mobile app, click on orders.

    You can also manage Mobikul marketplace products. Click on the products. Now open any product. If the product belongs to any seller, The informative message shows up on the product form.

    Now, click on the seller dashboard to manage the sellers. Here you can approve or rejected the sellers’ request for registering products and profile on the marketplace.

    Seller Dashboard in the Odoo backend

    The seller needs to login to the Odoo using his/her credentials. Once logged in, they need to go to the seller dashboard.

    Here, they can see their profile by clicking on ‘My Profile’.

    My Profile shows the various details to the seller such as personal information, shop and payment settings., etc.

    The seller can also manage the orders placed on the Odoo marketplace, both through app and website by clicking on orders.

    The products section lets the seller create new marketplace products. They can also check the list of approved and non-approved products requests.



    Seller’s View Of the Odoo multi-Vendor Mobile App

    Log in to the Mobikul Multi-vendor Mobile App, Click on the profile icon. Here you can see various options to navigate the app.


    The seller can see the information at a glance such as; the name on the account and the registered email address, billing address, and shipping address.

    The seller can also add a new address or edit the currently saved addresses.

    Account Info

    The account info tab allows the seller to manage the account. The seller can change the name on the account and change the login password.

    If the GDPR module is enabled, the seller can also download the information provided to the company.

    Address Book

    The address shows the saved addresses, both- billing and shipping. The seller can also add new addresses.

    Seller Dashboard

    The seller Dashboard shows the status of Odoo marketplace orders and products to the respective seller.

    The seller can see the newly place orders by clicking on new.

    The orders which are approved and shipped can also be seen in the seller dashboard.

    Similarly, the product approval requests also show up in the seller dashboard.

    The status of products- pending, approved and rejected are available in the app. The seller can click on the particular status to see the respective product list.

    Seller Profile

    The seller can view his/her profile view in the app.

    The seller can see the products currently on the Odoo marketplace.

    The Ratings and Reviews show the customers’ review and ratings provided to the seller.

    The store return and shipping policies are also visible in the seller profile.

    All Orders

    The seller can see all the orders placed on his shop in the Odoo marketplace.

    Ask Admin

    Ask admin section allows the seller to send any query, suggestions or discuss and grievances with the admin through chat.

    Customer’s view Of the Odoo multi-Vendor Mobile App

    The customers can log in/signup to the Odoo account. Once logged in click on the profile icon.


    The dashboard shows the information such as the name on the account and the registered email address, billing address, and shipping address, etc.

    Account Info

    The customers can change the name on the account and password. They can also initiate an email verification process.

    Address Book

    It shows the saved shipping and billing addresses. The customer can also add new addresses.


    The customers can change the language of the mobile app interface by selecting from the given options.


    The Marketplace tab in the profile takes the customer to the Odoo marketplace. The customer can see the sellers list. The product preview and ratings are also visible for each seller.

    Click on any seller to open the seller shop. The customers can browse the seller’s products. They can select the desired product and add it to the cart.

    Next clicking on the ratings and review tab shows the reviews and ratings given to the seller by other customers. The customer can also add his/her feedback.

    The return policy and shipping policy tabs show the seller shop policies to the customers.


    Was this guide helpful? Please share your feedback in the comments below.

    If you have any issues/queries regarding the module please raise a ticket at

    For any doubt contact us at

    Thanks for reading!!


    Current Product Version - 1.0

    Supported Framework Version - Odoo 10 & 11

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  • Josephine
    Is it only for Seller ?
    • Megha Joshi (Moderator)
      Hello Josephine,

      As per your query, I would like to inform you that this app is for both customers and sellers, that means the customers can view the sellers and individual products in the mobile App and the also seller can view their marketplace dashboard like products, orders in the App.
      For further query or doubt kindly drop us a mail at-


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