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    Odoo Import Orders From CSV


    Importing Orders from CSV was not this easy before!

    It becomes a very tedious task for those users who are importing thousand of orders using a CSV file. So in order to deal with this concern, we have introduced our module named- “Odoo Import Orders from CSV.
    This module allows you to import orders through a CSV file easily. It means using this module “Odoo Import Orders from CSV” those orders which are obtained from multiple marketplaces/channels like- Rakuten, Cdiscount, etc. can be imported to Odoo with a single click.
    The main difference between a normal CSV import in Odoo and CSV import using our module is that it provides you an option to import the combined CSV files at a time.
    In normal CSV, to import each order you need to create a separate CSV file but with our module, you can import thousands of orders in a single CSV file. Hence you can save a lot of time while working with a data set spread across multiple CSV files.

    Note- This plugin is dependent on “Odoo Multi-Channel Sale.”


    • The simple and user-friendly interface makes it quite easy for the user to map the data in the CSV file to the appropriate fields in Odoo.
    • Using this module you can import thousands of orders from multiple channels using a single CSV file.
    • This module creates partners, products, and orders in Odoo from a  CSV file on the basis of CSV header mapping.
    • It saves your time and efforts by providing an option to import the combined CSV file from different channels.


    After installation of this module including its dependent module Odoo Multi-Channel Sale, a new menu “Multi- Channel” will appear.

    While creating CSV instance of any channel you need to configure CSV Header Mapping. It means you need to map the CSV header of that particular channel according to the field defined at Odoo end.

    For example–  a CSV header “Order No.” is mapped as “Order Store Id” field at Odoo end.


    Order State Configuration

    Choose the Odoo Order/Invoice/Delivery state based on CSV order state.

    For example

    Those orders whose state is “Confirmed” at CSV can be mapped at “Sale Order”  state at Odoo end.

    Also, the invoice state is set to the open state.


    Import Operations

    Our module makes it very convenient for you to map the data which is present in the CSV file of any channel to the fields defined in Odoo.

    With a single click, a large number of orders through a CSV file can be imported to Odoo. All you have to do is click on the Import Order CSV button.

    After that, you can select the desired CSV file from which you want to import data to Odoo.

    After, successful import you will get a notification mentioning the number of orders created at Odoo end.

    In the Dashboard view, the number of imported orders, products, categories, and customers will be visible as shown below-

    Also in future, if you import the order through a CSV with a newly added order, in that case, the previously mapped records will be updated and the newly added CSV order will be created.

    So you are just one purchase away from reducing your lots of efforts and time on importing the data from multiple channels to Odoo efficiently. Purchase our plugin now!


    In a case of any further query feel free to raise a ticket at or drop a mail at

    Thanks for reading this blog!!


    Current Product Version - 0.1

    Supported Framework Version - Odoo v9 & v10

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