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    Magento SEO

    Magento SEO : Don’t be Evil that is the right word for SEO (Search engine Optimization). Why the S.E.O guys fears with magento ,many times i heard that the magento is not SEO supported and blah blah .. . but all things are just bullshit SEO is a complete engineering in itself and here in WebKul we Provide the magento SEO engineering services not just the magento SEO Services. As of September, 2009 there were 1,733,993,741 (1.73 billion) internet users in the world. More importantly though, is the fact that approximately 85%, or 1,473,894,680 of them use search engines to find products, services and information.

    This is one of the reasons SEO Services are so effective, search has unrivaled reach amongst internet users. Users who are turning up to use the service by choice, a much better option of lead generation than sending unwanted emails. Additionally websites atop the search engines are given a great deal of credibility and trust by those finding them, your potential customers. Not only that though, the traffic is unlimited because you aren’t paying for every visitor that clicks your listing.

    Another benefit of SEO is the lasting effect that comes with organic search engine rankings. Should you stop using an SEO Service your listing will not immediately vanish as it would should your pay per click budget run out. Implemented correctly an SEO Campaign can maximise the amount of traffic and qualified leads being delivered to your website. An SEO campaign should also be affordable for the results achieved.

    Naturally, bigger sites, those with more products etc. or those in more competitive industries will require more work to achieve success. Being Certified Internet Marketers and having specialized in SEO since 2007, we would sincerely enjoy helping your business grow via access to these internet users.
    How we are Best In Magento SEO Services :
    Magento SEO is a fun at webkul . We are regular blogger on innovative technologies of Magento SEO and Magento .

    Why we are Good in Magento Services

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    1 –  Magento SEO Service is not just a Copy Paste type of things . Magento SEO is a Real engineering . Our MagentoSEO experts knows how the top search engine works on (Web Spider , Page Rank algorithm , Keyword density , Healthy back links and millions of SEO concept)

    2 – Magento Service is also depend upon your site layout means how much your site is user friendly . If the site is not good from the user point of view we Provide them our Magento service to make your site good looking.

    3 – Now a days google improved his search ranking  strategy  (Performance based search) .Our Magento service also include the Performance based Magento services

    4- We are top Magento extension Developer on Magento extension directory . So we always take Care of that whether Our Magento extension follow The Magento SEO concept.

    5 – Most of the Magento SEO company don’t Know about the Magento development or Magento engineering , but we know the Magento from depth and regular innovator on Magento related stuff.

    Magento Seo

    How to enable SEF URL to improve your Magento SEO:
    Magento SEO is very easy , just a click will enable SEF urls .

    How we are improving our Magento SEO services

    Content : “Content is king” Really content is king If your site have good and healthy content , you need not to be worry about the page rank etc… Google will automatically find your site .Relevant data also has its importance . So Relevant data + Healthy(Good content) = No Worry ;)

    SiteMap: SiteMap is also a very good technique in respect with site richness as well as Search engine optimization. But never Forget to add this site Map to Google Webmaster Tool.

    SEF URL’s: Search engine Friendly Url’s are also key points for the SEO actually what happens Magento generates little wired URL’s which are not search engine friendly Magento in-build SEF extension is quite good but there are also some extensions which are really very awesome.

    Canonical SEO(301 Redirect) : Generally guys thinks that like or or are same but its not true make sure all your urls follows the same url weather they are or

    Check Your Not Found Pages: Not Found links are not good for Search engine optimizations. To check your Not Found pages use the Google Web-Master tool.

    Robot.txt: Check you robot.txt file, robot file participate a very good role for the dead links are not found pages please refer Mattcutts blog For the Robot.txt.

    Don’t Use Very Large No of META Tags and Meta Description: This is very Silly but important aspect never use very large no of meta tags as well meta descriptions too but i’ll always suggest them to use meta tags and meta descriptions but be in Limit ;) .

    Use Heading Tag(h3): Heading tag also play an important role in S.E.O .I’ll suggest, make you page heading as h3 heading Generally Magento follow this rule automatically but some templates don’t follow this concept.

    Healthy Backlinks : Healthy Backlinks plays a tremendous role in Magento as well as any site’s SEO , But Make sure these links are healthy(good) generally guys make spam links which is bad :(
    Update and Update: Really Site content update is the most important concept .Update your site content regularly ,this we’ll really help your site .

    Its all about Magento Magento and Magento :)

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