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How to start your own marketplace with Odoo

Updated 1 December 2023


Things you need to do while selecting an ideal marketplace development company.

Starting your marketplace is not as easy as it seems. You have to gather a lot of data about the business type, products and services to offer, and much more.

Moreover, you also need to decide on a suitable platform that can ease your marketplace operation. In addition, the platform should be robust enough to handle all the products and sellers.

In this blog, we will discuss the various aspects and needs of starting your marketplace and the most suitable platform to do so.

What is a Marketplace?


A marketplace is a place where vendors and customers can meet and conduct business. It is for individuals or groups to exchange goods, services, or expertise.

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Sellers list their products, set their prices, and provide information about their products. Buyers weigh all options, compare costs, read reviews, and finally decide what to buy.

The market ensures a secure and efficient transaction process.   

You can further check out the Odoo Marketplace module.  

Things to Consider Before Launching a Marketplace

  • Which marketplace development company will be the best option? 
  • What type of market do you want to create? 
  • Do you want it to target a specific market or a broad market?
  • The products or services you want to offer What makes your market stand out?
  • Who is the target market for your product? Who are your ideal buyers and sellers?
  • The technical tools you need to set up and run your store

After you have thought about these points, you can start creating your marketplace. You can use many systems to do this, including Odoo, Magento, and Shopify.

Why Odoo?


Odoo offers several advantages over other platforms for building a marketplace, listed below:

Integration and Modularity:

  • Odoo provides all-in-one platform for sales, CRM, accounting, inventory, and other business functions.
  • It improves your efficiency and eliminates the need for expensive integration.
  • It enables effective data flow communication between different ODOO marketplaces.


  • Odoo fulfills all the needs of the users of the store to make it successful.
  • You can customize the platform to meet your needs in terms of functionality, workflows, design, and branding.
  • Odoo’s customization feature allows you to create a market for your business. 

Extensive range of functions:

  • Odoo offers many features for managing product catalogs, orders, sellers, payment gateways, etc.
  • You can manage these features without any extra integrations.


  • Odoo helps you grow your business. Whether you want to start with a small one or plan to expand, Odoo can meet your needs.
  • Since it allows a range of sellers, products, and categories, it is suitable for a variety of markets.

Community and support: 

  • The community of Odoo users, developers, and contributors is very vibrant and helpful.
  • Odoo provides exceptional support for setting up and managing.
  • Odoo offers support options, including a premium package to ensure the best help at all times.

Start your Marketplace with Odoo


1: Define the concept.

  • Consider your target market, industry, and unique value proposition.
  • Conduct market research to determine all relevant information about your trends. 

2: Set up your Odoo environment. 

  • Before you can use Odoo, you first need to configure your environment. 
  • You can host Odoo on your server or opt for a cloud-based solution. 

3: Install the module. 

  • Install the marketplace module from the Odoo admin interface or the Odoo Apps Store.
  • After installation, turn on the module to access its features.

4: Configure the settings.

  • After you have installed the module, configure the parameters of your store.
  • Define your name, URL, currency, language, and other important details.
  • Odoo provides an easy-to-use interface for customizing these settings.

5: Customise the design

  • An interface needs to be both beautiful and easy to use to attract and keep customers. Odoo lets you customize the look.
  • Our website builder creates responsive pages that match your product.

6: Set up user registration and authentication

  • Enable user sign-up and authentication to make everything work efficiently.
  • Odoo includes authentication features that allow users to create accounts and log in.
  • customize the registration process by adding more information or email confirmation.

You can further check out Odoo Themes which help in making your website more appealing and attractive.

7: Enable vendor registration and onboarding.

  • In a multi-vendor market, sellers are important.
  • Configure the seller registration process that attracts sellers to your platform.
  • Consider a vendor vetting strategy to ensure vendor quality.
  • Provide an onboarding manual or video tutorial to help merchants manage their marketplace.

8: Define the product catalog and listings.

  • The success of your marketplace depends on the variety of products you provide.
  • Create categories and subcategories that match the focus of your store.
  • Improve usability and product search by adding filters and search features.

9: Efficient Payment Management System

  • Every marketplace must have effective order and payment management. With Odoo’s built-in payment gateways, you can accept a variety of payment methods.

10: Ensure security and scalability.

  • As your industry grows, security and scalability become more important.

Choosing Webkul as your Odoo Partner


Webkul is a trusted name and Brand among B2B and B2C enterprises worldwide. We are an official Odoo Silver Partner and Odoo 14 & Odoo 16 certified professionals.

Webkul provides you with the solution in the easiest possible ways, thus we are counted as the best marketplace development company.

We have been working with Odoo for the past 13 years.

Further, we have served more than 1500 enterprises globally. Our team extends to more than 100 professionals, functioning in various vertices and industrial niches. 

We provide more than 800 Odoo apps for different business needs. Also, our Odoo Customization, development, migration, customization, marketplace services, etc.

We also provide the hiring of certified Odoo developers based on your business needs.

Our clients are spread across 20+ different industries and we are the best choice for Odoo-related services worldwide.

I hope you find the blog helpful! Do share your feedback in the comments below.

Want to learn more? Feel free to contact us at our support email Or raise a ticket at the UV desk.

Thanks for paying attention!

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