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    How to reduce Abandoned Cart on eCommerce sites .

    Today one of the major problem faced by eCommerce store owners is abandoned cart. The customers nearly purchase the product but don’t end up paying for it. In 2013, as many as 74% of online shopping carts were abandoned by shoppers, according to data shared with BI Intelligence by e-commerce data company, Barilliance, and since then this figure is growing and eating the sales on eCommerce sites like a dragon.

    There are a few possible tips which can reduce this problem up to an extent :

    1. Make Checkout Process Short and Easy.


    Customers in today’s era want everything quicker than quickest & if the check out process will be longer then it straightaway increases the possibility of the buyer not ending up paying for the product and abandoning the cart.
    Hence the main focus should be on reducing the number of pages involved in the checkout process and introducing ways like Express Checkout and similar ones. 

    2.No Hidden Charges.

    Additional or hidden charges incurring at the time of making final payments such as taxes or any other charges should be totally avoided, as a customer immediately tends to check out seeing more price than what was asked for earlier & it shakes the belief of customer about the authenticity of the website.
    A good 49% of online shoppers (according to WebCredible UK’s 2010 survey) abandon their purchases because of hidden fees that are only revealed upon checkout.
    So the best practice is to reveal the possible estimated charges on the product description page itself.


    3. Payment Methods and Gateways.

    A good volume of buyers doesn’t end up buying as they do not end up finding the payment method or payment gateway they wanted.
    Having said so, we understand that it is not possible to cater to the needs of each and every customer in terms of payment methods but most common & preferred methods should be there.
    For instance, the customer should have the liberty to check out with their preferred method of payment (such as PayPal and American Express, in addition to Visa, MasterCard or Cash on Delivery).


    4. Easy Returns and Refunds Policy

    The best way to take the customer in confidence is by showing them a very clear refund and return policy. It immediately grabs the trust of the customer.
    A lot of customers abandoned as they do not find the clear return and refund policy or do not find the return/refund policy at all.
    Offering a clear refund policy will add peace of mind and buyers will go ahead for the product without hesitation.


    5. Avoid lengthy Registrations & promote Guest Checkouts.

    Avoid lengthy registration or avoid registrations. Allow customers on your store to purchase products without signing in & checking out as guests as one option as well.
    It is always advisable to ask the customer to register an account after the sale not before, as before sale the chances of the customer not buying the product increases.
    The customer today already have everything password protected these days, they do not like one more account getting added up for shopping sake, they’d rather prefer to end up buying from a competitor who is allowing to purchase without registration.


    6.Increased visibility of CONTACT DETAILS.

    Make the contact details visible on your eCommerce store as without contact information never perform well as the visitors have less trust in them.
    Showing contact details such as a phone number and mailing address or live chat options adds credibility to the website.


    7. Allow customers to EDIT CART.

    Always Make it as simple as possible for customers to change their order prior to checking out otherwise for any last moment changes which customers are not able to do in the order they might not even end up buying the same.


    8. Keep It Simple.

    The very primary mantra for any eCommerce store is to keep it simple. Do not complicate the shopping experience by giving Ads or making it longer for the customer to purchase the desired product.
    It is always better to Not confuse the customer by giving too many options on the store.


    9. Make new offers and Schemes Visible.

    If its a SALE, show it everywhere on the store. Focus on having the great quality of images and attractive offers should be visible. The same can be done by Putting labels on products and store regarding the new offers & discounts.


    10. Have a Responsive Site.

    Econsultancy reports that sales from mobile devices increased by 63% in 2013.
    This shows the significance of the “responsive” approach in today’s world. Everything is going mobile way and to be in the race, make your website responsive for Mobile phones, tabs etc.

    Keeping the above points in mind will going to help you and your eCommerce store in abandoning the abandoned Cart problem.
    Always keep in mind that even the minutest details and a slightest positive change towards perfection can make the difference between a conversion and an abandoned shopping cart.

    HAPPY SELLING ..!! 🙂 🙂

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