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    CS-Cart Product Video Gallery

    Updated 23 November 2022

    CS-Cart Product Video Gallery: 

    Product videos can have a great ability to increase conversions by better helping people understand your product and provide customers with as much information as possible about the products you offer. Video allows you to engage an audience. The time users spend watching video keeps going up. Watching a video takes little effort compared with reading long product descriptions.

    So, Now convey an incredible amount of information very quickly by displaying your product via video. Add not only pictures of your products, but also a quick video. If you have a video content, why not to demonstrate them in their best way. CS-Cart Video gallery add-on is a simple-to-use add-on that makes it easy to add YouTube & Vimeo videos to product gallery or in a separate tab on the product details page of your CS-Cart Store. Whatever your product does or is capable of, let your potential customers see it in better detail. This greatly enhances the sale and online shopping experience of the customer.

    Check a brief overview of the plugin –

    • Well integrated with CS-Cart, CS-Cart Multi-Vendor, CS-Cart Multivendor-Plus, CS-Cart Multivendor Ultimate .
    • Separate tab for Product Video has been provided.
    • Option to set the dimensions of video block at admin end.
    • Allows admin to enable or disable YouTube controls at customer end.
    • Option to enable or disable auto-play and full-screen video modes.
    • Improves customer engagement by creating great visualization at customer end.
    • Increases the conversion rate by boosting customer’s trust and confidence and lowering the bounce rate.
    • Easy to configure and manage at admin end.
    • Display the video instead of the first image of the product’s gallery.
    • Display the video thumbnail on all the three views of category page ie; Grid view, Table view, List view.
    • Option to add the video from the YouTube or Vimeo by simply inserting the video id.

    How  To  Upload and Install

    After downloading the CS-Cart Product Video Gallery, you will get a zip file and install.txt. Read the install.txt carefully and configure it accordingly.

    Go to “Manage add-ons”, click on “+” to upload and install the zip file as shown below.
    Click on “Local” to browse the zip file and then click on “Upload & Install” as shown below in snapshot.
    Upload CS-Cart Product Video Tab

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    Once the add-on is installed successfully, click on “Settings” as shown below in the snapshot.

    imageSet the parameters for front-end video preview as per the below snapshot.

    • Enter the width of the video block in percentage.
    • Enter the height of video block in pixels.
    • Click to allow full-screen video mode.
    • Check to allow video auto-play on page loading.
    • Click to allow playing video in the loop.
    • Click to disable YouTube video control options.
    • To save the settings click on the “Save” button


    Back End View

    On installation of the add-on, a Product Tabs will be created automatically.

    Go to Designs -> Product Tabs to view or edit the tab as shown in the below snapshot.

    video tab

    How to add product video at backend?

    Go to product details page at the back end and click on the “Video Gallery” tab as shown below in the snapshot.

    CS-Cart product video tab

    There are two separate options to add video either in the product gallery or in the product tab.

    Video Gallery:

    • Enable the video to be displayed in the product gallery.
    • Choose the video platform (Vimeo or YouTube)
    • Enter the video Id.
    • Enable video on the category page.

    Product Video Tab:

    • Enter the YouTube Id of the video which needs to be added to the product.
    • Enter the YouTube Video List-Id in case you want to display the list of videos at the front end.
    • Click on Save button to save the details.


    Front End View

    Go to the product detail page at the front end and click on Product Video tab as shown in the below snapshot.

    Video Tab

    The product video can be viewed here as per the settings made at the back end. If YouTube Video List-Id has been saved for any product at the back end, the user will be able to view the list preview option on the thumbnail.

    • Click to view the list of videos as shown below in the snapshot.

    Uploaded video viewView of video list as per the YouTube video list id entered at backend is as follows.
    Video List View

    Product video in the product gallery:


    View of the product video on the category page:



    This is all about CS-Cart Product Video Gallery. For further any query feel free to contact us at

    Please explore our cs-cart Development Services and Quality cs-cart add-ons

    Current Product Version - 2.1

    Supported Framework Version - 4.9.x, 4.10.x, 4.11.x

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