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    Chatwhizz Live Chat for Shopify

    Updated 23 January 2024


    In the dynamic landscape of e-commerce, providing seamless customer support is a crucial element for business growth. Enter ChatWhizz Live Chat for Shopify by Webkul, a robust live chat application tailored for Shopify. This innovative tool is designed to elevate customer support, enhance communication, and ultimately drive sales. Let’s delve into the features that make ChatWhizz Live Chat for Shopify a game-changer for Shopify stores.


    • Operator Management: Add and manage support staff effortlessly, enabling or disabling them based on availability.
    • User-Friendly Interface: Experience seamless communication through a user-friendly interface for both customers and admin.
    • Customization: Customize chat widgets, messages, and themes to create a branded and engaging customer experience.
    • Chat History Access: Effortlessly access and manage the entire chat history for different customers in one tab.
    • Media Sharing: Send text messages, emojis, and attachments to individuals or groups, fostering effective communication.
    • Admin Dashboard: Benefit from a well-designed admin dashboard, providing insights and control over chat operations.

    Why Use ChatWhizz Live Chat for Shopify:

    • User-friendly interface for seamless communication.
    • Customise chat widget message/position/theme color for a branded experience.
    • Add support staff/operators for managing customer concerns.
    • A separate staff/operator panel to manage all the live chats efficiently.
    • Effortlessly access the entire chat history of different customers via one tab.

    Pricing Structure:

    ChatWhizz Live Chat for Shopify offers a flexible pricing structure with three distinct plans to cater to various organizational needs. Whether you’re a small business or a growing enterprise, there’s a plan designed for you.

    FREE Plan:

    • 1 Operator
    • Live chat with Unlimited users
    • Ticketing (Uvdesk)
    • Chat history
    • Chat widget customization
    • Asynchronous communication
    • Chat security

    BASIC Plan:

    • All lower-plan features included
    • 2 Operator/Staff
    • Order management using a chatbot

    PRO Plan:

    Start your headless eCommerce
    Find out More
    • All lower-plan features included
    • 5 Operator/Staff

    Installation and Configuration:

    After Installing the Chatwhizz Live Chat App.

    Open the app.

    chatwhizz live chat

    Choose a plan, Free, Basic, or Pro Plan.

    chatwhizz livechat plans

    On-Boarding Process:

    You will come to the On-Boarding Process, here you will enter the Domain URL(Store URL), and then enter the Operators’ emails and Save all of them.

    chatwhizz livechat onboarding process

    Front Configuration:

    After that, you will come across the Front Configuration, now to show a live chat widget on your Shopify store you can use two methods here.

    Method 1:

    For the live chat widget, you need to follow the steps below

    • Open themes menu in the store admin: Online Store → Themes
    • Click on the Customize button
    • Click App embeds in left side menu
    • Enable Live Chat Widget and Customer Info
    • Click on the Save button
    Live chat widget and customer info

    Note:- If you face any problem/error with Theme Extension then please choose Method 2.

    Method 2 (Manual Option):

    Copy both codes.

    manual option

    Select the Edit Code option in the Themes section of the Online Store.

    edit code

    Paste both the codes inside the theme.liquid file.

    theme.liquid file

    To create a chat history page on your Shopify store:

    click on the Create button.

    create chat history page

    To show the chat history page to the customers, a template file needs to be created.

    • Open themes menu in the store admin: Online Store → Themes
    • Click on the Edit Code option
    • Click + Add a new template in the left side menu to create a template
    • Select Template type page with a liquid option
    • Add File Name wk_chatwhizz_chat_history
    • Click on the Save button
    add new templates
    template edit

    Add this code to the template file.

    adding code to template file

    To show the chat history option on your Shopify store:

    Copy the code and paste it into main-account.liquid for showing the chat history option.

    chat history option

    This is how it will look like, the Customer can now check his chat history.

    chat history option frontend

    There are a lot of options in the Chatwhizz Livechat app:

    Options in chatwhizz

    You can enable or disable the domain by clicking on the Configuration option, and then selecting Domain.


    In General Configuration, you can enable or disable,

    • Operator name on widget chatbot
    • The operator sees the user’s email
    • The operator also ends the conversion
    • The client able to send mail on the conversion end
    • Individual operators can able to set offline status
    • The operator and client able to send a file attachment
    • Need registration of user for chat
    • Open the widget automatically on the Shopify Store.
    • If all the operators are offline send an email to the admin and the client
    General Configuration

    In Widget Configuration, you can customize the icon, set position, theme color, etc.

    Widget Configuration

    Custom Message Configuration, you can create your message and save it as shown below.

    custom message configuration

    That’s what it will look like.

    custom message frontend

    You can create your message when the Operator is Offline also by selecting the Offline Operator, as shown below.

    Offline Operator

    You can also edit the Subject and Custom Message when there is a ticket initiation request.

    Ticket Creation custom message

    In the Basic Plan and Pro Plan, there is the Manual Chatbot feature.

    In ChatBot Configuration:

    chatbot configuration

    You can enable or disable 

    • Order Details
    • Return Request
    • Cancel an Order (with two options, the Customer can directly cancel the order by selecting proceed with canceling the order, or there is the cancellation request initiation, initiation of request will be fulfilled by the admin)
    • Track an Order
    chatbot configuration types

    Frontend look:

    manual chatbot frontend

    Now, by clicking Customize Option, you can customize more in Manual Chatbot.

    Customize Option in Chatbot configuration
    • You can edit the Label.
    • You can edit the Question.
    • You can edit the Response, for example, here in Order Details, you can edit the response according to Record found and Record not found.
    Edit Order Details

    You can customize for Return Request, Cancel an Order, and Track an Order like this.

    More message/response customization

    For Example, in Return Request,

    • You can edit the Question just like shown in Order Details.
    • You can edit the Response or Reason according to the Record found or not, Order Fulfilled or not, etc.
    Return Request Customization

    Enabling UVdesk:

    In the Feature Apps option, you can enable UVdesk.

    • UVdesk offers a complete Help Desk for Shopify merchants to convert their customer inquiries coming from different channels into one place for delivering excellent customer service.
    • Get all your customers’ service inquiries on your Shopify Admin Panel in the form of a ticket, communicate with your customers, and resolve their issues. You can handle all service tickets either from the Shopify Admin panel or from the UVdesk Admin Panel.
    enabling UVdesk

    By Enabling UVdesk you will get the UVdesk configuration option in Configuration. You can set up all the Basic and General Configuration, shown below.

    UVdesk configuration

    In General Configuration, you can enable/disable options like:

    • Create a Ticket when all operators are offline.
    • Create a Ticket when the customer leaves the chat and the operator is assigned.
    • Create a Ticket when the customer leaves the chat and the operator is online.
    • You can also enable auto-assigning tickets to the corresponding operator.

    You can learn more about UVdesk by clicking the link:


    As organizations increasingly rely on digital communication tools, ChatWhizz Live Chat for Shopify emerges as a comprehensive solution, offering advanced features at different price points to suit varying business requirements. 

    ChatWhizz Live Chat goes beyond being just a live chat app; it’s a communication powerhouse, fostering seamless interactions, saving time, and strengthening customer relationships. Embrace ChatWhizz Live Chat to elevate your Shopify store’s communication game and stay ahead in the digital era.

    Choose a plan that aligns with your organization’s size, needs, and communication preferences for optimal results on your Shopify store.

    Thus, that’s all about the Chatwhizz Live Chat. If you need any kind of support, just raise a ticket at You can also contact [email protected] to get proper assistance.

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