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Case Study Shoppymore

Shoppymore – An Emerging Malaysian Platform for Bringing Overseas Brands to Local Store

Platform CS-Cart
Industry Retail
Country Malaysia

Shoppymore is an eCommerce retail store that provides a platform to offer sellers and buyers the market for the online shopping experience. There are various categories in the Shoppymore to sell and buy the products.

Datuk Sri Barani Karuna Karan is the founder and chief executive officer of Shoppymore based in Puchong, Malaysia. He started and attracted 100 sellers in the first year of Shoppymore.

Shoppymore wants to provide a platform for ethical and trustworthy vendors. It provides authentic and good quality products to the customers. Its aim is to attract many sellers in the coming year with a revenue of million.


Shoppymore wants to expand Malaysian-made products to other countries in India, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Shoppymore’s intent wad not to accumulate large numbers of sellers, but to ensure that the platform was recognised as a world-class marketplace such as Amazon, Flipkart and eBay.

Datuk Sri Barani Karuna Karan

Shoppymore is connecting various vendors including brands in the eCommerce store. Customers can purchase by visiting the brand-specific page.


E-Commerce Retail store in Malaysia

The eCommerce industry in Malaysia continues to grow steadily with online services and the increase in digital shopping in the country. Malaysia is an attractive market for eCommerce due to its dynamic economy. It developed infrastructure for digital technologies to attract customers.

Digital shopping is increasing in the market more than offline. Customers are preferring online shopping for convenience as it delivers the product to their doorstep in real-time. They can collect their preferred brand product from any eCommerce store.


There are some eCommerce retail businesses in Malaysia that are performing and growing in the market such as Shopee, Lazada, and many more.

Therefore, shoppymore wants to lead in the competitive market and supports vendors by providing the platform to sell products.

Why did Shoppymore connect with Webkul?

At Shoppymore which is the right choice and the people behind this remarkable emerging marketplace. Has a vision to create a marketplace platform and create entrepreneurs to do business with various stakeholders globally.

They are looking for web development for their customers in the market. There aims to connect and enrich consumer lifestyles with good value products and services.

We was recommended by CS Cart as one of the best developer.

Barani Karunakaran, CEO, Shoppymore Global

Webkul is in the top 3 of CS-Cart development companies on the CS-Cart marketplace. We provide the best shopping experience through eCommerce businesses.

Thus, Shoppymore started its web development with Webkul.

Why did Shoppymore choose Webkul for its web development?

Barani Karunakaran CEO of Shoppymore, connected with Webkul for many customization projects based on eCommerce.They wanted to enhance the website to create a good customer experience.

He connects with webkul to develop the website with the best opportunity. It includes the services that help to grab the possibilities to expand the business.

Webkul successfully incorporated invaluable features, which helped entice more customers. The team responsively accommodated questions and requests using a ticketing system. Their extensive support, team synergy, and responsiveness were crucial to the project’s success.

Barani Karunakaran, CEO, Shoppymore Global

Thus, shoppymore is using CS-Cart development services for its website.

How do Webkul eCommerce Services assist Shoppymore?

Barani Karunakaran connected to webkul with web development in Shoppymore. Webkul provides digital e-commerce solutions for Shoppymore as it is built on CS-Cart.

Webkul assists them with features of web development for customer satisfaction. We providing the CS-Cart Banner booking through which shoppymore can advertise the banner for a specific time on their store. It can be redirected to the customer on the targeted specific store page.


When customers will click on SHOP NOW, then they will connect with the targeted specific store page.

Shoppymore wants to allow their vendors to advertise their products in the store through banners. Webkul assists with CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Sellers Ads Booking to allow vendors to attract their customers.


Customers can be guest users to explore the website. They can compare and add to cart the product to purchase.


Customers can register themself when they want to purchase the product from the checkout page. They can register either from their email ID or social media platforms.

After registration, customers can proceed to purchase the product from the checkout page. They can use the Wallet system to fast pay from their wallets.


Customers can access the wallet feature from their profile and manage it accordingly.


They can recharge by clicking on Recharge wallet.


After that, customers can proceed to checkout to recharge their wallets.


Order Management System

Shoppymore wants to provide services to satisfy customers by providing the best features. It provides a feature to manage their order list from the Advanced Customer Order List. Customers can get the option of repurchasing the products. They can also write a review from the order list.


Customers can track their orders from the Order Status Tracker. They can check their order details and status quickly. They need to write the order ID to track my orders.


After clicking on the search icon, customers can check the order details.


They also receive mail for tracking the order.


Shoppymore provides options to expand and collapse the order list. It delivers the mail to the customers while they proceed to deliver the product. Customers can give delivery feedback that be visible on the product page.


Established in 2020, Shoppymore Global is one of the world’s newly emerging e-commerce marketplace platforms. With a presence in Malaysia and soon to the world it aims to connect and enrich consumer lifestyle with good value products and services.

Webkul assists with the development of various features on its website with each requirement. It helps customers to purchase the products.

We had a meeting to discuss on the scope. They really understood what we needed and developed the project.

Barani Karunakaran, CEO, Shoppymore Global

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