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    Case Study HighFiveCBD

    HighFiveCBD – Elevating WooCommerce CBD Store through Webkul Solution

    Platform WooCommerce
    Industry Retail
    Country France

    HighFiveCBD is an established CBD chain in France that commenced its digital journey with an online WooCommerce store in 2020.

    With physical stores across France, they also expanded their presence through an online store.

    HighFiveCBD prides itself on offering superior quality products ranging from CBD flowers to resins to cannabidiol oils.

    This online CBD marketplace is the ultimate destination for all customers’ cannabidiol needs, which is working on an online store built on WooCommerce.

    In this case study, we explore how Webkul supported HighFiveCBD to grow in the E-commerce journey.

    CBD Market in France

    CBD, or Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive compound derived from the hemp plant which contains multiple health benefits like Body Pain, Anxiety, insomnia etc.

    France is among the largest producers of industrial hemp in the world and also estimated that it dominates the huge market of Europe.

    WooCommerce CBD store

    The Cannabis market in France is expected to reach a projected revenue of US$321.20m in 2024. (Information from Statista)

    Initially, it was not legal in France but the French government made it legal by keeping in mind that it has multiple health benefits and has a high demand in the audience.

    Why do they enhance their online presence?

    As CBD products are having high demand, reaching out to a wider audience was a challenging task for their team.

    Despite the success of the HighFiveCBD physical chain, they also started an online CBD marketplace.

    online WooCommerce CBD store

    Audiences who have less knowledge about CBD products now can know better due to the online showcase of CBD by HighFive.

    To achieve their goal of becoming the benchmark CBD store in France, the online store is the key way to achieve it.

    Furthermore, HighFive found its eCommerce solution in WooCommerce to take its online store and marketplace to the next level.

    How Webkul helped HighFiveCBD?

    The Webkul team is renowned for its expertise and is engaged in understanding and resolving the e-commerce challenge.

    Additionally, Webkul is an elite author of CodeCanyon, the Deloitte Technology 50 -India winner.

    Webkul’s team had detailed discussions with HighFive’s Team to understand all their requirements.

    To provide a better solution we offered them WooCommerce Development Services to enhance their existing website.

    WooCommerce Shopify Connector Plugin

    To reach a broader audience, HighFiveCBD started showcasing products on Shopify too. However, it is difficult for them to manage both platforms.

    To overcome this problem Webkul offered them WooCommerce Shopify Connector Plugin which connects both platforms to be synchronized.

    With the help of this Plugin, the admin can easily synchronize products, orders and categories between the WooCommerce and Shopify stores.

    Product Export Customization of the Plugin

    The team of HighFive encountered a challenge while exporting products from WooCommerce to Shopify.

    There’s a limitation posed by Shopify API in which only three variation attributes can be exported.

    Whereas the team was required to export with more than 3 variants on a single attribute. For doing the same, customization was needed.

    They are required to mention only the ‘Poids’ attribute (Poids means Weight in the French language) which can have more than 3 options.

    online WooCommerce CBD store poids

    After discussing with Webkul’s team, HighFive purchased a Customization Service from us to fulfil the requirement.

    Final Words

    HighFiveCBD has expanded its reach to a wider audience because Webkul provided them with amazing customisation services.

    Webkul solved their problem on time, As we have the finest professional developers. You can also hire our WooCommerce Developers to enhance your online store.

    Disclaimer – Please note all the images and content used in this article belong to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected].
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