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Case Study Nut&Me

Nut&Me: Online Healthy Food Products Retailer From Spain Provides Easy Social Login

Platform Adobe Commerce
Industry Food
Country Spain

Nut&Me is an online store based in Spain, focused on healthy food products and making them accessible to everyone.

It offers a wide range of products such as creams made from 100% nuts, flour, granola, chips, dried fruits, energy bars, keto products, and more.


They aim to provide quality products to help you healthily care for your nutrition.

It is a one-stop-shop for people looking for healthy and delicious options, without compromising taste or quality.

Nut&Me sources its products from the best suppliers and is constantly introducing new products to add to its range.


They have a mission to take care of you, by providing delicious and healthy snacks.

They offer various options to suit different dietary needs and preferences.

Nut&Me enhanced the online customer experience and fastened the login process with the help of Magento Development Services.

Healthy Eating Goes Digital

Online healthy food products retail in Spain has been growing and driven by increasing awareness and concern for health and wellness among consumers.

According to ECDB, the Spanish Nutrition eCommerce market is predicted to reach US$204.1 million by 2024 and accounts for 22.1% of the Health Care eCommerce market.


Additionally, the growth of online grocery shopping, with many consumers opting to shop online rather than in-store.

Many retailers in Spain have started to offer a wider range of healthy food options online, including organic products and gluten-free products.

However, it’s expected that the online healthy food market in Spain will continue to grow in the coming years.

Challenges Faced by Nut&Me

Nut&Me recognized the importance of providing a smooth and user-friendly shopping experience for their customers.

They understood that simplifying the login process and integrating social login options could help improve user engagement and conversion rates.

Nut&Me was looking for a solution to streamline the registration and login process for their customers.

They wanted to provide a convenient and user-friendly experience for their customers while also ensuring the security of their accounts.


Social Login Authentication

Magento 2 Social Login Plugin helps customers to log in to the online store using their existing social networking accounts from Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, and Instagram.


This simplified the login and registration process for their customers.

The plugin easily integrates social login options, allowing users to log in or register using their existing social media accounts.


This eliminated the need for users to create separate login credentials, reducing the time during the checkout process and improving the overall user experience.



Magento 2 Social Login Plugin played a key role in helping Nut&Me improve user experience and simplify authentication processes.

By integrating social login options into their Magento 2 store, Nut&Me improved customer satisfaction, expanded its reach, and increased conversion rates.

Overall, the plugin has proven to be a valuable addition to nut&me’s online store.

With a focus on providing quality products and exceptional service, Nut&Me continues to grow in the competitive e-commerce industry.

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