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    User guide for ShipStation Integration with BigCommerce Multivendor Marketplace

    Updated 15 June 2022

    We all know that ShipStation helps us to keep track of orders, and shipments and manage this task by entering order details manually sometimes crucial for sellers.

    We have integrated ShipStation with the BigCommerce Multivendor Marketplace application and provide the ability for sellers in getting all the order details in real-time to their merchant account and after this, they can easily proceed with creating order shipments.

    To achieve this functionality, Admin needs to add this addon into their marketplace i.e Multi-Vendor Marketplace ShipStation Integration and after adding this addon the sellers get the functionality of getting order details in real-time.

    The Flow of Configuration

    Step 1:- To add the Multi-Vendor Marketplace ShipStation Integration, You need to click on addons and then manage addons in your Multivendor marketplace admin panel and click on Get App.

    How to get the ShipStation app

    Step 2:- After adding the sub-application i.e Multi-Vendor Marketplace ShipStation Integration, the seller will provide the functionality of adding their ShipStation merchant accounts, and to get this functionality seller need to enter the credentials like API Key and API Secret into their seller dashboard.

    Seller credentials for Shipstation merchant account

    Step 3:- Seller needs to login into their ShipStation merchant account and follow the below steps:-

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    Click on settings -> Account -> API settings -> Click on Generate API Keys

    Generating API keys for ShipStation Integration

    Step 4:- After entering all the ShipStation API credentials into the seller accounts, The order details for the orders of the seller product will directly sync into the seller’s ShipStation merchant account. Now sellers will be able to easily create shipments from the ShipStation.

    Order details into the ShipStation account in real-time

    We hope this blog will help you in integrating the ShipStation merchant account with the BigCommerce Multivendor Marketplace application. If in case you have any queries please generate a ticket

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