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    Twig – How to create custom extensions or filters

    In PHP template engine, Twig there are various inbuilt awesome filters using that anyone can write large apps in less no. of lines like

    and various others filter too but these are limited and various default PHP function are not available in Twig then how can we use those ? For those cases Twig provide ways so that you can add your custom filters/ extension. I am going to show you how.

    First  – Create your custom extension class extending class \Twig_Extension 

    It’s basic requirement is to declare two functions getFilters() and getName()  so we add those here. In getFilters() function we declare our all custom filters/ extensions and in getName() function we add this class name (any name).

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    So we created a class with various custom functions now we have to just notify Symfony about these filters/ extensions. We do it after declaring this in our service.

    That’s it our Custom filters/ extensions are ready to use. We can use these like Twig default once.

    Framework used – Symfony 2.7

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