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    Opencart Season Sale

    Opencart Season Sale helps the store owner to create customizable banners for the sale events like seasonal sales, flash sales, daily deals and Limited-time events with a countdown timer.

    This module allows the store owner to add various products under the respective sale event. With minimum configuration, the store admin can easily create sale banners & add products under it for a variable period of time.

    On the front end, the customer will find the sliding sale banners, upon clicking them, the customer can view the respective listed products for that particular banner.

    Watch the video tutorial below to understand the extension workflow:


    • The admin can add customizable banners.
    • Set Countdown timer for limited-time sales.
    • The admin can add products under the respective sales.
    • Products can be added with the special discounted prices under the sale events.
    • The admin can customize the Season Sale title, subtitle, font color, size, and background color.
    • The admin can select the float of the countdown timer.

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    Installation of the Opencart Season Sale is very simple. The admin just needs to move or upload the admin, image and catalog folders into the Opencart root folder.

    installation opencart season sale

    Note – You can also install the Opencart Season Sale module by uploading the ZIP or XML file from the ocmod folder. Please upload the ZIP file for version 3.X and upload the XML  file for version 2.X.

    After transferring the folders, use extension installer for uploading the season_sale.ocmod.xml file which you will find in the ocmod folder.

    Extension Installer

    Now go to the Extensions>Modification then click on refresh field as shown in the image below –

    modification refresh opencart season sale

    Now in the Admin panel go to System>Users>Usergroup and edit ‘Administrator’ and select all for both Access and Modify Permission then save it.

    opencart season sale edit permission

    After that under Extension>Module, you can install or edit the module.


    Module Configuration

    The admin can configure the module from the admin panel easily and it can be done by navigating to Season Sales>Config Setting 

    config-setting opencart season sale

    Here the admin can –

    • Enable or Disable the module.
    • The admin can set the width of the banner.
    • Banner height can also be set by the admin.
    • The admin can set the background color.
    • The default banner is used if the custom banner is not set by the admin.

    Manage Season Sale

    Now, the admin can manage the Season Sale module from the admin dashboard easily. To manage this module the admin can navigate to Season Sales> Season Sale from the admin dashboard easily.

    opencart season sale

    Here, the admin can –

    add a new season sale, delete the existing season sale, search for the created season sale, and can also edit the existing season sale.

    To add a new season sale, the admin can click on the add new season sale button as shown in the image below –

    add-new-season-sale-opencart season sale

    Now after clicking on the add new season sale button, the admin can fill the details for the new campaign.

    opencart season sale config setting

    Here, the admin can –

    • Enable or Disable the module for the customers.
    • Enter the Title of the Season Sale.
    • Set the Title color of the Season Sale.
    • Select the font style for the Season Sale Title.
    • Set the Font Size of the Season Sale title.
    • Enter the Sub-title of the Season Sale.
    • Set the color of the Season Sale sub-title
    • Select the font style for the Season Sale sub-title.
    • Set the Font Size for the Season Sale sub-title.
    • Select the Season Sale Start and End date.
    • Select the Season Sale Banner.
    • Set the background color of the title and subtitle for the Season Sale text.
    • Decide the Margin of the Season Sale timer (in pixel).
    • Set the Season Sale timer Section Float.
    • Add the products under the Season Sale.

    The admin can select the customer group, priority, and price for the season sale product.

    The admin can enter the price of the product that will display and applied on the products that are under the particular Season Sale.

    When no banner image is selected, then the default banner image will be applied on the banners.


    Front-End View

    Now when a customer will visit the webstore, the customers can see the Season Sale Banners. The customer can click on the banners and see the products added to that particular banner.


    After clicking on the banner, the customer can see the products added to the Season Sale Banner along with the products added under that banner. The customers can also see the countdown timer too.


    The customer can see the discounted product rates with comparing to the actual product rates.

    The customer can also purchase these products with the discounted price as mention on the products.


    and then process further to complete the checkout.

    That was all about the Opencart Season Sale. Moreover, if you have any doubts or queries regarding the extension get back to us at [email protected] or create a ticket at our HelpDesk system.

    Current Product Version -

    Supported Framework Version - 2.x.x.x, 3.x.x.x

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