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    Multistore in Opencart

    Updated 15 April 2016

    You want to configure multistore using opencart, but don’t know how to do it. I’m going to tell you that how, one can easily run multiple stores using single opencart admin panel.

    The basic logic behind the multistore idea is pointing to the same entry point where the main installation exists, if multiple domains point to the same document root or location (ip address) then we can create as many stores as many we want to.

    Actually, there are various ways to setup multistore. The easiest way is by creating sub domain like you have, then just create a sub domain under this domain like and make sure that document root for the both domains must be same as below screenshot.


    Then create a new store in admin panel through system->setting, there you’ll get an add new button on the right top corner, click on that and you’ll get a new page to enter your new store’s details as below screenshot.

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    In the above screenshot, you just need to take care of store url, and other details you can enter as per your choice. Store url must be correct, else it will redirect to a different website.

    The other method is by mapping two domains to the same document root by their host entry, like I’ve done in below screenshot-

    As you can see that there are two domains and but both of them are focused on the same IP address, so whenever any of two domain will access website then it will hit the above IP only.

    If you are not very sure about server end configuration and host entries then you can also do it by using cpanel, cpanel automate this technique with the help of addon domain.

    Login to your cpanel and you’ll get an option of addon domain, click on it and you be redirected to below the screenshot page and fill it and document root must be public_html for the addon domain.


    After this process, create a store from your admin as described above, you’ll be having multistore setup.

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