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    Magento – Mass update of custom options

    Magento Mass Update

    [stextbox id=”alert”]We have released the custom option template module by which adding custom option in all products is super easy magento custom option template[/stextbox]



    Replicate Magento Custom Option : This must be a default feature in magento but somehow it is not exist by default  , we got a lot of request for this problem . We can replicate mass product custom options by custom option template .Here is a sample code by which you can mass replicate your magento custom options

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    Step 1: change the app/design/adminhtml/default/default/template/page/head.phtml with the attached head.phtml

    Step 2: app/design/adminhtml/default/default/template/catalog/product/edit/options.phtml

    [stextbox id=”grey” shadow=”true”]<div class=”entry-edit-head”>[/stextbox]


    [stextbox id="grey" shadow="true"]<div id="coSamples" style="margin-bottom:15px;"></div>[/stextbox]



    [stextbox id=”info” shadow=”true”]<script type=”text/javascript”>[/stextbox]


    [stextbox id=”info” shadow=”true”]initOptionsSamples();[/stextbox]


    Step 3: app/design/adminhtml/default/default/template/catalog/product/edit/options/type/select.phtml

    [stextbox id=”alert” shadow=”true”]OptionTemplateSelectRow = …[/stextbox]

    replace with:

    [stextbox id=”info” shadow=”true”]OptionTemplateSelectRow = ‘<tr id=”product_option_{{id}}_select_{{select_id}}”>’+
    ‘<input type=”hidden” name=”product[options][{{id}}][values][{{select_id}}][option_type_id]” value=”{{option_type_id}}”>’+
    ‘<input type=”hidden” id=”product_option_{{id}}_select_{{select_id}}_is_delete” name=”product[options][{{id}}][values][{{select_id}}][is_delete]” value=””>’+
    ‘<input type=”text” class=”required-entry input-text select-type-title” id=”product_option_{{id}}_select_{{select_id}}_title” name=”product[options][{{id}}][values][{{select_id}}][title]” value=”{{title}}”>{{checkboxScopeTitle}}</td>’+
    ‘<td><input type=”text” class=”input-text validate-number product-option-price” id=”product_option_{{id}}_select_{{select_id}}_price” name=”product[options][{{id}}][values][{{select_id}}][price]” value=”{{price}}”></td>’+
    ‘<td><?php echo $this->getPriceTypeSelectHtml() ?>{{checkboxScopePrice}}</td>’+
    ‘<td><input type=”text” class=”input-text sku” name=”product[options][{{id}}][values][{{select_id}}][sku]” value=”{{sku}}”></td>’+
    ‘<td><input type=”text” class=”validate-zero-or-greater input-text sort-order” name=”product[options][{{id}}][values][{{select_id}}][sort_order]” value=”{{sort_order}}”></td>’+
    ‘<td class=”last”><span title=”Delete row”><?php echo $this->getDeleteButtonHtml() ?></span></td>’+


    in the head.phtml, you can find the customOptionsSamples variable where you can set up your own custom options templates.

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