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    Hyperlocal Mobile App for Magento

    Updated 24 January 2020

    Mobikul Hyperlocal Marketplace Mobile app for Magento will convert your store into a Hyperlocal Mobile Application. The mobile app has the splendid features for the buyers as well as the sellers. The seller can add products, can set the deliverable radius (in kms), can set max. deliverable time, can manage the store, and many more. The buyers can purchase the products from the nearest store by using the mobile app on the go. The Mobile App auto detects the buyer’s current location or buyer can set their location manually. The customer can check products & sellers availability. This module provides the exceptional user experience to the buyers and sellers with the user-friendly features and functionalities.

    This App is an add-on of Magento Marketplace Multi Vendor Module. To use this module you must have installed Webkul Marketplace Multi Vendor Module first.

    This App is an add-on of Marketplace Hyperlocal System For Magento. To use this module you must have installed Webkul Marketplace Hyperlocal System For Magento first.


    • Seller can add products.
    • Seller can set their deliverable radius(in Kms).
    • Seller can set maximum deliverable time.
    • Seller can manage their store.
    • Seller can check their received orders list and many more.
    • Buyer can set their product search radius.
    • Buyer can track their order status.
    • Buyer can communicate with the seller.
    • Buyer can check individual seller information.
    • Customer can check product’s availability.
    • Buy the products from nearest store
    • Buyer can pay through various popular payment gateway including COD and many more.

    Seller Can Add Products

    Now the sellers don’t need the desktop or laptop to add the products to the store. They can easily add products by using the mobile application.

    They need to fill the required information to add the product like:
    1. Select the product category from
    2. Enter the product name
    3. Add the images for the product
    4. Full description of product
    5. Short description of the product
    6. Enter the price of the product
    7. Product quantity (Stock)
    8. Weight

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    add new productproduct

    These are the required information that seller needs to fill while adding the product using the mobile application.

    Seller Can Manage Store

    In Manage Store section, the seller can manage his/her store details. The seller can write about his/her store in About Store, can add or update the store profile picture. These are important information so that the customer can know about the seller’s store.

    The seller can set the store location and can set the maximum deliverable radius (in Kms). The seller needs to set the maximum deliverable time (in minutes) so that the customers can know which seller can deliver the products within their desired time and location.

    Also, the seller can multiple store’s address if he/she has multiple store at different locations.

    about storeabout store

    My(Seller) Product List

    The seller can view all the products that they have added to their respective store in My product list section. Also, the seller can edit the product details or can delete the product. As you can see in the below image.

    product list

    Also, the seller can edit the product details by clicking on the EDIT button. As you can see in the below images.

    edit productedit

    Marketplace Landing Page

    In the  Marketplace Landing Page section, the sellers can register themselves as the seller and can shop their shop.


    The customers can see all the seller list and can shop according to the seller. He/she can visit the particular seller’s collection and seller’s profile.

    all sellerresults

    Individual Seller Information

    The customers/buyers can see the separate seller’s information like about the store, products, store location, contact info. and many more.

    seller infoadded products

    Also, the customers can see Store Rating and can make the reviews for the store. He/she can check the seller’s policy and can contact to seller.

    The customer also see the Recent Feedback made by the other customers against the seller.

    recent feedbacksreview

    Auto Location detects

    The hyperlocal mobile application detects the customer’s current location automatically so that he/she need not fill the location to shopping from the mobile application.

    If the customer wants that he/she don’t want to use the current location to shopping then he/she can change the location manually and can continue the shopping using the mobile application.

    location detect

    Left Navigation Category Page

    This left navigation category page shows all the categories of the store and interactive store icons can be set from the admin backend panel.

    category page

    Easy & Fast Checkout Method

    The Hyperlocal Mobile Application will provide the customers a user-friendly experience with the easiest and fastest checkout method.
    One page easy checkout process in just 5 steps. The customers can easily complete the checkout process just in 5 quick steps.

    • Billing Address & Shipping Address: Showing Billing and Shipping Address with options to update/ change it.
    • Shipping Method: Selection of Shipping Method
    • Payment Information: Payment information from various payment gateways.
    • Order Review: It will display all the products with its Price, Quantity and Grand Total after adjusting discounts, shipping charges etc. with Sub-Total.
    checkout processcheckout

    After placing the order, the customer will get the congratulation with the Order ID in the next step. When he/she will click on the Order ID then the customer will be redirected to the Order Details page where he/she can check the complete order detail.

    Also, the customer can proceed for Continue Shopping.

    order placed


    If you still have any query or requirements please feel free to contact us at and let us know your views to make the module better.

    Current Product Version - 1.0.0

    Supported Framework Version - Magento 1.6.x.x,1.7.x.x,1.8.x.x,1.9.x.x

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