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    How to Create a Category in Shopware 5


    With this user guide, you can learn “How to create category in Shopware 5”.

    Shopware is a trendsetting platform that helps you to create understanding and attractive online stores. It is also Germany’s growing platform and has the largest quantity of live stores in Germany.

    Shopware is now starting to enter new European nations and is making a big impact in the UK. You can check here other Shopware modules –

    A category is the classification of the products. After creating the product we assign a category to the product. You can classify your products in different categories and their sub-categories.

    Create Product Categories in Shopware

    Product categories used to allocate products in a category. Then you can have one or more than one category and sub-categories in Shopware.

    If you create a category it is always a part of the root category.

    • Categories are used to classify your products.
    • You can assign several categories to a product.

    To create a new category you have to navigate Items>>Categories.

    Clicking on the Category option then the category page will open.

    After that you have to click on Add Category.

    Then fill the Category Name of the category.

    After that, click to the OK button then fill the details about the category.

    You can add Sub-category in two ways by click on add new or by clicking create subcategory.

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    Moreover, that’s all about “How to create a category in Shopware 5?” for any query and issue related to Shopware please create a support ticket here.

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