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City Based Delivery System for OpenCart

Updated 10 October 2023

City Based Delivery System for OpenCart module allows the customer to check the product is deliverable to their location. The admin will select the cities to the product while editing or creating them.

Meanwhile, the advantageous point about the module is that the customer can check the product deliverability by entering the postcode. They are not required to navigate to each product and type postcode for each of them. 

Further, the admin has the leverage to select the cities based on their zip codes to the products from the product edit page. Moreover, that product will be deliverable to all the cities assigned to the product by the admin. 

Meanwhile, this module serves the logged-in and guest users in a different manner. The logged-in customers can select their location from the addresses list or can enter the postcode manually, whereas the guest users will enter the postcode manually.

Check the working of this feature for the OpenCart platform based website in the video mentioned below –

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  • The admin can create a city with their zip codes.
  • The admin can also edit the regions and city details.
  • The customer will be able to place orders for products that are deliverable in their location.
  • Customers can check the product is deliverable on the category and product page easily.
  • Support Multi address Shipping.


Extract the contents of the receive zip folder on your system according to your Opencart version. The extracted folder has admincatalog, and ocmod folders. Now, upload the admincatalog, directories into the Opencart root directory as shown below in the snapshot.


Module Configuration

Once you have performed the above steps you can now see the module under Extensions >Modules >City Based Delivery System. Here, you can install then edit the module as required.


Admin Permissions

After the successful installation of the module, the admin can now manage the backend configurations.

For that, the admin will navigate to City Based Delivery as shown in the image below; 


After that, the admin will set the status field to Enabled for the proper working of the module. 

Manage City for City-Based Delivery System for OpenCart

Further, the admin will manage the regions. For this, the admin will navigate to Manage City under the admin panel. 

Admin will manage the cities by navigating to Manage City. After that, the admin can see the list of created cities. The grids of the list will include the Country, Region, Postcode, City, and Action. 


The admin can simply click on the + button to create a new city.

Add New City

After clicking on the Add New City, the admin will add details of the city as shown in the image below:


Furthermore, the general information may include the following fields: 

Country: The admin will select the country from the dropdown where the list of countries will appear

Region/ State: The admin will select the regions from the list. The custom regions will also appear in this list.

City: The admin will type the name of City.

Zip/ Postcode: The admin will enter the zip codes present in that city, and the product will be deliverable in that post codes. 

Manage Product Data for City Based Delivery System for OpenCart

Once all the regions and cities are created and managed, the next step for the admin is to assign zip codes to the products present in the store. For this, the admin will navigate to City Based Delivery > Manage Product Data

Further, the list of products will be visible. The admin will click on the Edit button under the Actions attribute.


After that, the admin will see the product page and go to the Action section for edit. Under that section, the admin will click on the save the button as shown in the image below: 


From here admin can choose product, enter quantity of the products, city and postcode.

Frontend View of City Based Delivery System for OpenCart

Once all the backend configurations and settings are done, the changes will reflect in the frontend. The City Based Delivery Cart System module servers the registered and guest customers differently. The functionalities for both of them are available further in this user guide. 

Guest User Functionalities

Once the guest user views the store website, a Select Address button will be visible on the top left corner of the page as shown in the image below:


After that, a popup will appear with two options for the customer. One button will be visible to sign in the customer if they are already registered.

The second option is for guest users, that they can enter postcode which will appear with the configured city by the admin in the top left corner in the frontend.


Further, the functionalities will be the same as a registered user. 

Frontend View for Registered Users

Whereas, the registered customer can simply login by clicking on the sign-in button available in the popup as shown in the image below:


After that, the customer will navigate to the login page shown in the image below:


Further, the customer will click on the select address button as shown  in the image below 


As the customer is registered, they have an option to add the Pincode manually or select the location from the address list. A list of the saved locations for that customer will be visible on a popup.


Moreover, the City and postcode of the selected address will be visible on the top left corner of the page as shown in the image below:


Also, a customer can add product in cart and product details will be visible for the deliverable products for selected location by the customer.


Note: If the manually entered postcode is not one of those that are configured by the admin in any of the city, then the customer will get to see the “No product available on this pincode” message under the postcode field as shown in the image below:

This validation is for both the guest and logged in customers.


Product Deliverability Frontend View

Further, the customer can check the availability of the product on the store page as well as product page. That will be different for Deliverable and Non-Deliverable products. 

Deliverable Product View 

If the product will be deliverable then on the category page the product details and Add To Cart button will be visible as shown in the image below:


Update the Location

The products that are deliverable can be easily added to the cart and the cart will be visible as shown in the image below:


In case the customer changes the location at the time of checkout, then it will show warning message as per the below image:


For any query or suggestion/customization request get back to us at [email protected] or raise a ticket at

Current Product Version -

Supported Framework Version - 2.x.x.x and 3.x.x.x

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