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Case Study M.E.T

M.E.T: Streamlining eCommerce Operations With WooCommerce eBay Connector

Platform WooCommerce
Industry Other
Country Korea, Republic of

M.E.T is a renowned leader in the repair and maintenance industry, catering to the needs of large corporations and small enterprises.

The company has a really big collection of more than 110,000 unique and valuable parts. They also have advanced repair tools to provide excellent service.

Online WooCommerce website

M.E.T cares about making customers happy and has been successful in increasing sales by 20% every year. They also have important ISO certifications.

Recognized for its unwavering commitment to excellence in service, the company has been honored with multiple awards.

As M.E.T was already running a WooCommerce store, Woocommerce development services enhanced their online visibility and made their work easier.

The WooCommerce development team played a big role in connecting M.E.T’s webstore to the eBay store.

eCommerce in South Korea

According to Statista, South Korea has a very big online shopping market, with almost everyone (93%) using the internet, especially young people under 40.

Market leaders in online shopping categories include food and beverages, home appliances, clothing, footwear, sporting goods, and accessories.

Mobile retail e-commerce sales are robust, with a significant share of total online transaction value accounted for by mobile transactions.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, more people started shopping for things online, especially food and groceries, because they were worried about staying safe.

How Webkul Enhanced M.E.T’s Online Presence?

Nowadays, people prefer online whether it is shopping, entertainment, or anything else so an eCommerce website is a must.

M.E.T was searching for an eCommerce solution for their website and found it in Webkul.

Webkul is a bootstrapped company that is known for providing end-to-end development services and helping companies set up their online business.

M.E.T discussed their needs with Webkul, and our WooCommerce development team fulfilled their needs accordingly.

Problem Statement

The company had a WooCommerce store and an M.E.T eBay store, but it was a time-consuming process to manually update product listings on both platforms.

This led to inconsistencies in pricing, inventory levels, and product information, resulting in lost sales and customer dissatisfaction.

WooCommerce eBay Connector

To address these challenges, M.E.T decided to implement the WooCommerce eBay Connector plugin.

As we can see in the following Images, M.E.T has this product in their main store.


They also have the same product in their eBay store.


Our plugin seamlessly integrates the WooCommerce store with eBay, enabling real-time synchronization of product data, orders, and categories.

The following are the key features that helped M.E.T simplify its e-commerce operations:

Category Mapping

The plugin allows M.E.T to map eBay categories with WooCommerce categories, ensuring that products are listed in the correct categories on both platforms.

Online WooCommerce website

This helps to improve the visibility and searchability of products on eBay and reduces the risk of incorrect categorization.

Product Export and Listing

The plugin enables M.E.T to export product data from WooCommerce to eBay and create listings automatically.

WooCommerce eBay Connector

This saves time and effort for the company’s staff and ensures that product information is accurate and up-to-date on both platforms.

Product Synchronization

The plugin synchronizes product details between WooCommerce and eBay in real-time, ensuring that inventory levels, pricing, and other product information are consistent across both platforms.

This helps to prevent overselling or underselling of products and reduces the risk of customer complaints.

Multiple eBay Accounts

M.E.T can configure multiple eBay accounts using the plugin, enabling the company to manage multiple eBay store from a single WooCommerce store.

WooCommerce eBay Connector

This simplifies operations for the company’s staff and reduces the risk of errors or inconsistencies across different marketplaces.


The plugin enabled M.E.T to automate many of its e-commerce operations, reducing manual input of data and saving time for its staff.

The real-time synchronization of product data between WooCommerce and eBay ensured that inventory levels, pricing, and other product information were accurate and consistent across both platforms

WooCommerce eBay connector allowed M.E.T to configure default product payment and shipping details for exported products, reducing the need for manual input of this information on eBay.

This reduces the risk of errors or inconsistencies that could lead to lost sales or customer complaints.

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