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Case Study Incontinence Care Team

Incontinence Care Team: Starts Growing via Multi Channel Presence on Amazon

Platform Adobe Commerce
Industry Health
Country United States

Incontinence Care Team is an online store in the USA designed to help those dealing with incontinence issues or caring for someone who is.

The company offers a wide range of products, including adult diapers, protective underwear, bed pads, and more.


The website also provides resources for caregivers, including support groups and advice on how to care for someone with incontinence.

They provide a range of services, including in-home care and nursing services.

The website associated with the Incontinence Care Team is a leading provider of incontinence products and services.

Magento Development Services helped them to operate on multiple platforms from a common admin panel.

Online Incontinence Care in the USA

The online incontinence care industry in the USA provides accessible resources, education, and treatment options for incontinence.

According to Statista, The Incontinence market in the United States is expected to generate a revenue of US$4.33bn in 2024.


They provide resources for patients, healthcare providers, and the general public, helping them understand the condition, available treatments, and strategies.

Furthermore, the online industry supports research and innovation in devices, therapies, and pharmaceuticals for incontinence management.

In summary, the online incontinence care industry in the USA plays a vital role in addressing the needs of individuals experiencing urinary incontinence.


The Incontinence Care Team faced the challenge of managing product listings, inventory, and orders across their Magento 2 website and existing Amazon seller account.

While the Incontinence Care Team had an online presence through their Magento 2 website, they wanted to grow their customer base on Amazon.

Maintaining inventory and syncing product information between their Magento 2 store and Amazon marketplace was challenging.


Amazon Connector

Amazon Connector for Magento 2 extension helped to integrate their Magento 2 platform and existing Amazon marketplace account.


This allowed the Incontinence Care Team to automatically sync their products from Magento 2 to Amazon.

With the extension, the Incontinence Care Team synced inventory in real-time between their Magento 2 store and Amazon seller account.


This extension organized order processing by automatically importing orders from Amazon into Magento 2 with a centralized order management system.


The Incontinence Care Team could upload products in bulk to Amazon, saving time and effort in managing product catalogs.


Webkul’s Amazon Connector for Magento 2 proved to be a valuable help for the Incontinence Care Team.

By enabling them to overcome e-commerce challenges and simplify their online operations.

It easily integrated its Magento 2 platform with Amazon, the extension helped them enhance efficiency, expand its reach, and improve customer satisfaction.

With the support of Webkul’s solution, the Incontinence Care Team continues to grow in the competitive e-commerce industry.

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