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    Case Study Pillarbooth

    How Pillarbooth Use Shopify Salesforce Connector For Their Business?

    Platform Salesforce
    Industry Other
    Country United States

    “Pillarbooth” worked on Shopify and Salesforce platforms manually to get their business insight. But there was a lack of few things in the business due to which they were falling behind. We provided them with the Shopify Salesforce Connector solution to sync all the data, which resulted them in meeting all business requirements.

    About “Pillarbooth”

    The story of Pillar takes place in a garage, much like all good startup tales. Yet rather than beginning in a garage, this company was founded on one.

    Sam was on the terrace above his buddy Ryan Leavitt’s garage in the fall of 2018; when the phone booth concept was brought up once more. Sam was telling Ryan, who had recently sold his company and was searching for a new opportunity, that the demand for call booths was widespread because he had spent the previous two years working from co-working spaces in more than 20 different nations.

    In contrast to 2016, there were a few call booth alternatives available at this time. But, Sam and Ryan were unimpressed because they had already seen all of these other booths. Though the basic concept remained the same, the execution was poor. They’ve been in companies where the staff has referred to their rivals’ booths as the “sweat-box” because they were either too pricey ($15,000 for one call booth is too expensive for a startup), too unsightly (nobody wants a port-o-potty in the center of their office), or too hot. Even worse, many of them had subpar sound insulation, which prevents them from even achieving their primary objective.

    Requirements Raised By “Pillarbooth” For Their Business Growth

    A few requirements raised by “Pillarbooth” were:

    Problem Overview

    “Pillarbooth” was unable to get the correct data at the right time to target the right customer. They were not able to increase sales as per their business requirements. They were looking for real-time data synchronization and in-depth insights, which would take them toward good business growth.

    With these requirements, our Shopify Salesforce connector matches very well so we asked them to use our connector. This helped them to switch from a manual to an automated way to synchronize their data. The connector also helped them to sync their data on a real-time basis between the platforms.


    Program/Activity Description

    Through the use of the “eShopSync for Shopify” connector, “Pillarbooth” was able to integrate its Shopify and Salesforce platforms, which helps synchronize their data automatically on a real-time basis. This also eliminated the need for costly manual effort, freeing up resources that could be invested in business marketing efforts.

    eShopSync brand of Webkul Software, partners with Salesforce as a Salesforce AppExchange (Crest) Gold Partner, Registered Salesforce ISV Partner, and Salesforce Ridge (Silver) Consulting Partner. Our team also demonstrated their expertise in creating effective solutions like the one offered to “Pillarbooth”.

    Program/Activity Outcomes

    By identifying their business challenges and utilizing our Shopify and Salesforce connector as a solution, “Pillarbooth” achieved significant success. The positive outcomes they experienced, which were listed below, have contributed to their impressive business growth.


    The utilization of our connector facilitated the synchronization of data from Shopify to Salesforce for “Pillarbooth”, resulting in excellent outcomes. If you’re also looking to streamline the automatic synchronization of Shopify to Salesforce data, our connector can help take your business to the next level. Still, have any queries get in touch with our team at [email protected]

    Additional Information

    Client: “Pillarbooth”

    Industry: Furniture

    Websites: Pillarbooth

    Get the Shopify Salesforce connector from the following:

    Get the connector installed and configure it. For this, we have provided the user guide for the Shopify and Salesforce integration so you won’t be got stuck in between. 

    Further for any doubts or queries, do live chat or send an email to Salesforce certified team who is available to assist you whenever required.

    Disclaimer – Please note all the images and content used in this article belong to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected].
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