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Case Study Baraci

Baraci: Ivory Coast Firm Unlocks Sales Growth with Multi Level Marketing

Platform WooCommerce
Industry Other
Country Cote d'Ivoire

Baraci is an Ivory Coast-based Service platform dedicated to connecting people in various professions with customers.

From electronics and mechanics to fashion designers and artists, they act as a digital hub, making it easier for these professionals to find clients.

Baraci is a reliable platform for connecting with potential customers and publishing ads for better reach on this service platform.

With its wide range of categories, it simplifies the process of connecting service providers with those in need of their expertise.

WooCommerce Development Services helped this platform grow its user base with the help of effective marketing strategies.

Small and Medium Enterprise in Ivory Coast

The small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) sector is a major driver of employment, growth, and wealth creation in Ivory Coast.

According to the World Bank estimates its GDP growth rate was 8.2% in 2019 much of which comes from SMEs.

Service Platform

It accounts for 98% of all business operations in the country which employs a significant number of the population, especially the youth.

In 2014, The Ivorian government launched the Phoenix Plan which aimed at improving the SME sector of the country.

The goal of the plan is to increase the number of SMEs to 120,000 creating an employment of about 400,000 people.

What were the Challenges Faced by Baraci?

Baraci encountered difficulties in growing the network to increase its sales as it wanted a marketing strategy for better promotion of its brand.

The absence of a framework for networking and promotion was an obstacle to expanding their platform’s reach.

After looking for an optimal marketing strategy they sought to implement Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) system to ease their work.

So, they searched online for MLM and that’s when they contacted Webkul Support to overcome their challenges and improve their platform.

The Webkul team had a long conversation with the Baraci Team to understand their issues and their brand requirements.

In this case study we’ll see how Webkul helped Baraci resolve their problem.


Binary Multi-Level Marketing for WooCommerce extension proved to be the perfect product to solve Baraci’s problem.

This extension allowed members to publicize products and bring new people into the business.

Service Platform

The admin can share the sponsor reference ID to add up to two sponsors and then they could each sponsor two more sponsors for Baraci’s expansion.

To become a sponsor, one must buy an annual membership of the platform.

The following image shows the membership page of the website.


Admin can also track sponsors’ profiles, and commissions and view their genealogy tree.

Service Platform

Additionally, the admin can set commissions for product sales, new member sign-ups, and bonuses to sponsor member level up.

All members of the MLM get a commission as set by the admin for different levels and can receive badges such as Platinum, Gold, and Silver for the business they have done.

Service Platform

The user-friendly interface made it simple for both admin and sponsors to navigate the system.

Features such as email capabilities enabled effective communication between sponsors and customers.

End Note

Binary Multi-Level Marketing for WooCommerce extension was crucial in challenges faced by Baraci and promoting growth across their network.

Through features like streamlined sponsor ID sharing, commission setting capabilities, and enhanced communication tools, Baraci successfully overcame its challenges.

The result was that Baraci using Webkul’s MLM extension was able to expand its network which was a problem before.

Overall, the extension enhanced this service platform, facilitating smoother interactions between workers and customers and driving growth within their network.

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