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    B2B Marketplace Price Management

    B2B Marketplace Price Management – If you want to create a b2b multi vendor marketplace then pricing plays a very major role. I will try to explain everything about b2b multi supplier marketplace price management in this blog


    B2B Marketplace Price Management – Vendor Pricing

    B2b ( business to business )Marketplaces are complex to build. Thanks to popular eCommerce platforms like Magento 2 and Bagisto. They support out of the box b2b features.

    So if you are starting a b2b marketplace then certainly both of these platforms top the chart.

    Magento 2 b2b marketplace

    Based on different user groups price can be different in B2b pricing strategies. For that purpose, we are using the price list concept

    Why Custom Price Rules Required?


    • Different pricing based on group
    • Different pricing based on Order amount
    • Multiple price list
    • Pricing based on Category
    • Pricing based on Total order amount
    • Product stock and tier price

    and many more such attributes


    Vendors or suppliers should have an option to add the pricing in the desired format. As in b2b pricing may vary


    SKU-one 1 piece $100.00
    SKU-one 10 pieces $90.00


    As you can see in the above example the same SKU price differs based on the stock quantity.

    Webkul is the largest supplier of b2b marketplaces and won various awards for the same. If you are looking for a b2b multi vendor marketplace please contact us.


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