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    Magento Admin URL Routing

    Updated 11 September 2013

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    Magento Admin URL Routing – During the best marketplace module development in magento we have investigated security in a very deep sense . There is a lot of fuss why magento adds key in every admin url or magento custom module ?  here is the complete explanation of the magento URL routing and custom  module URL key addition .

    Why there is a need for magento admin URL key ? This is really important from point of view of security , magento key is a nonce  which will protect the system with the CSRF attacks . have a look at magento admin module url example

    as you can see here /key/bef2f86b1333fff53esssdb7d7bf7f84ac/ is a nonce which will be added to module index controller automatically

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    if you will remove the key and then enter the url then it will redirect to main magento dashbaord controller. Every url have different and its own nonce .

    under system config of the magento these secret kets can be hide . you need to just disable it from magento system configuration

    secret keys can be obtain for a particular module case

          $key = Mage::getSingleton('adminhtml/url')

    as webkul here is namespace and modulename is module name of custom module e.g marketplace

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