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Case Study Lincona

Lincona: Estonian Floor Covering Store Integrates Akeneo PIM for Seamless Product Information Management

Platform Akeneo
Industry Industrial
Country Estonia

Lincona is an eCommerce website that sells floor-covering and also gives free consultations. The products they provide include Slats, Installation Tools, Floor Protection equipment, Floor, etc.


Lincona is the biggest importer and vendor of floor coverings in Estonia. Now enhanced their eCommerce website with the help of WooCommerce Development Services.

eCommerce in Estonia

According to Statista, Estonia’s online shopping penetration is high, with 7 out of 10 residents purchasing goods and services online annually.

Estonians spend the most on e-commerce among the Baltic countries, exceeding 1,500 USD per capita in 2022.

E-commerce contributes significantly to Estonia’s GDP. Leading platforms include Hansapost, Kaup24, and On24.

Apparel is popular, but has a 30% return rate. Nearly half of Estonian e-shoppers buy apparel from foreign stores.

Omniva is the largest e-commerce delivery service, with parcel lockers and home deliveries.

Challenges faced by Lincona

Lincona faced challenges in managing and organizing a vast product catalog on their website.

The existing system was inefficient, leading to inconsistencies, and making it difficult to maintain product information across various channels.

This issue affected their overall customer experience and business growth so they were looking for a PIM service.

How Webkul Helped Lincona?

To overcome these challenges, Lincona sought help from Webkul, a renowned company specializing in building plugins and assisting businesses in setting up their eCommerce platforms.

Lincona shared their requirement through the UVdesk ticket system and had a detailed discussion with Webkul.

Furthermore, after understanding their needs Webkul quickly started working to fulfill their needs.

Webkul provided Lincona with the WooCommerce Akeneo Connector, a powerful solution to streamline their product management process.

WooCommerce Akeneo Connector

The WooCommerce Akeneo Connector is a plugin designed to seamlessly integrate WooCommerce stores with Akeneo PIM (Product Information Management) software.

This integration enables businesses to efficiently manage and organize a wide range of products and catalogs.


The connector works with both simple and variable products on WooCommerce, ensuring smooth integration for various types of products.

Users can export all categories and attributes from Akeneo to WooCommerce, making it easy to manage product information centrally.


Similarly, categories and products can be imported from WooCommerce to Akeneo, maintaining consistency across platforms.

The module allows users to create multiple jobs and schedule them for execution, automating the data exchange process and saving valuable time.

The connector supports association mapping for upsell and cross-sell products during export, enhancing product recommendations and boosting sales.


Lincona enhanced their management with the help of Webkul’s assistance which solved their problem after a detailed discussion with them.

By implementing the WooCommerce Akeneo Connector, Lincona was able to manage their product catalog efficiently, ensuring consistency and accuracy of product information across their eCommerce platform.

This integration ultimately improved their customer experience and contributed to the growth of their business.

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